Stop It, I Like It

His soft hands brush the skin just beneath the hem of my dress and send several electric currents up my spine. I will myself not to blush as I feel my thin, already soaked underwear get even wetter. Of course, my whole skin is already flushed red from all the excitement, so I doubt it will make much of a difference whether or not I do. His hand shifts from my thigh and slides under the dress to cup my bum and I stiffen my body even more. “Stop.”. Pathetic. Even I am unconvinced by the barely audible half-command. Feeling my underwear starting to shift, I clear my throat and try again – louder and stronger. “I need you to stop.”. Much better. I mentally pat myself on the back and raise myself off the bed to prove how serious I was.

At first, he seems taken aback, but then he just leans into my chest, chuckles, and grazes my skin with his teeth. I don’t need some sort of expert to tell me my conflicting emotions are the least of his concern. “Relax,, babe.”, he whispers as he traces kisses and little bites up my neck. Affirmative action must be taken lest I give in to this sexy heathen seemingly sent by the devil himself to lead me down the path of eternal sexual damnation. Somehow, he manages to get my back flat on the bed again and I lay still, quietly quivering and contemplating how to resist as his lips begin to work their way up my crossed thighs.

Having spent the past hour playing cat and mouse with the fine specimen of a man pressing up against me – letting him kiss and brush and inch closer each time and then pushing him away – my arsenal of deflective antics is pretty much depleted and the part of me that secretly, desperately, craves this hunk of a man stirring a boiling pot within me is relentlessly beating the fragile, sensible part that knows to resist into a corner. Quite frankly, I am powerless to resist. Even more frankly, I want him to persist more; to pin down my feeble flailing arms still doing their best to pretend they’re holding him back and just ravage me.

Yes, truth be told, I want this… have wanted this since he called me away from my friends earlier in the evening and made it clear to me he wanted to be with me for the night, “chilling” of course. Once the door was shut behind us, I’d even played the good-natured sport simply looking for interesting conversation and informed him there would be no hanky-panky. Although my long-ignored desires were already starting up some sort of revolt and pushing thoughts and images of tangled joints and stifled moans to the fore-front of my mind, the ring strengthened my resolve.

The ring! My eyes spring open and begin to dart back and forth frantically searching for the last string from which my morals, decency,  and common sense – for whatever they were worth –  dangled precariously. i catch a glimpse of it as his left hand still struggles to slip between my thighs. On sight, the weakened part of my brain is immediately renewed with strength and vitality and comes swinging out of the corner it’s backed into. Believe you me, it’s like I’ve had milo and malt and Ribena shaken together and injected straight into the vein that pumps to my brain.

Playfully, I shove him again, harder this time, and roll out from under him. I hear him mutter some cusses in Yoruba and English and giggle to myself. Unfortunately, I’m too preoccupied with being inwardly crestfallen to come up with witty banter to lighten the now slightly uncomfortable air hanging above us. All I can think about is how my birthday is in a couple of hours and my only prospect of birthday sex is a married man. Yeah, he’s married, but he’s not looking for commitment; just a fun night before he leaves the next day. I need this, he wants this, how bad could it possibly be? The sex-starved part of my brain comes back from its break and seems to be even more fortified. How often does an opportunity like this present itself?

The tension in the room is so thick you can cut through it with a butcher’s knife. We sit apart from each other quietly musing, and I’m contemplating returning to the party in the common room when I feel his hands on my waist. Before I can gasp or put together another string of protests, he drags me towards him and plants his soft, full lips on mine. He smells like man; not the overpowering, slightly nauseating musky dank that a major percentage of the male species seem to think is appealing, but a delicate mix of honey and sex and something extremely edible. Sigh. Here we go again.

Midnight Guests

Hello! 😀

So, I promised I’d put something up at least once a week while I’m gone. Think of this piece as a show of good faith (or whatever the phrase is). It a sequel of sorts to a previous post. For those who don’t remember (I don’t want to imagine you didn’t read it), here’s the link A Thief In The Night. I really advise you read it before this one, but… *shrug*

So, yeah. I don’t really know what prompted me to write this, but I did. So I hope you at least enjoy it a bit.

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Nelly Furtado was singing softly in the background for my personal entertainment, as I lay stretched out on my bed.. It was late, and I really wanted to be asleep, but the sandman had been stingy with his dust, and agro is a pissed off female dog. And dear Nelly, sweetly cooing to me, couldn’t be asking any question more appropriate for the mood I was in. Why do all good things come to an end? About two months ago, I’d embarked on a late night adventure that hand scored me some serious booty. But that night, I laid there alone and horny.

It had all started when I wanted to purchase the PSP Go. I’d been anticipating a sharp decline in it’s exorbitant price, and had finally gotten a good deal. I’d quickly withdrawn my savings and collected from all my debtors, but I was still a bit short. As a last resort, I’d turned to my cousin, Deola. Before asking, I’d made sure she had the money buy going through her wallet, so I wouldn’t be asking for too much. Deola had lived with us since she lost her parents when we were still in secondary school. She was kinda like my older sister, but we didn’t necessarily always get along.

I can not perfectly describe my feelings when she said “No.” without looking up from the magazine she was reading. No excuses, explanations or apologies offered, just open rejection. I sat across from her at the kitchen table, stunned, upset and furious. I daresay my decision to steal the money was immediate. If she wouldn’t give it to me, I would take it. What was she doing with money anyway? Nothing was coming between me and my gaming.

And so I bid my time, waiting for the perfect opportunity, and then I struck. I’d successfully sneaked into her room and taken the money, and was about to leave, when things got a bit out of hand. To cut a long story short, that night changed a lot of things between Deola and I. We began an affair of sorts. I started making frequent midnight visits to her room whenever I needed to take a load off, or whenever she text to say she needed me, and we would help each other out, the thrill of getting discovered by the parents making it all the more exciting.

We continued this relationship of convenience for weeks, and all was dandy. She never complained, and, as far as I knew, neither of us expected more than sex from the other. So, imagine my surprise when she cut me off. First, the texts stopped coming. I’d just assumed she wanted me to keep coming down whenever I felt like, and didn’t dwell on it. Then she started giving me excuses whenever I went to see her. It was either her period, she was tired, or she had one pain or the other. It finally dawned on me what had happened the night I went down and met her room door locked. I knew better than to push the issue, and had returned to my room, dejected.

I sighed as memories of nights we’d spent together flooded my mind. The sounds, the smells, the amazing feelings, it was all too much and my hardening rod felt the same way. The only way I was going to get any sleep was by helping myself out it seemed, so I picked up my PSP Go, browsed through my collection of porn, applied some lotion, and let my hand get to work. It wasn’t long before my eyes were closed and I was lost in my own fantasies of driving into Deola’s wet tightness. Stroking myself as precum oozed out, I moaned her name several times. Softly at first, and then a bit louder. Secretly hoping she would somehow hear me and come to my aid.

“I’m here.” At first, I thought it was in my head, but then my eyes flew open when I felt warmth around the tip of my rod. There she was, standing by my bed, all smiles and sparkling, lust-filled eyes. I glanced down and saw the cause of the warmth I was still feeling. Her friend, Anwuli, was at work on my shaft, sucking tenderly. I couldn’t believe it. I opened my mouth to ask what they were doing, but Deola’s lips were on mine before I could utter any words. Tasting the alcohol on her tongue as she kissed me, I got the idea. I didn’t care if this was all a ruse or real, I was going to enjoy it.

I lay back on the bed as Anwuli sucked me off, pulled Deola on top me, grabbed her ass, and dragged her forward so her crotch was in front of my lips. She hadn’t bothered with underwear, and my tongue gratefully snaked it’s way into her honey pot. Warm, sticky wetness greeted me, and I sensed the fun had begun before they got to my room. I could hear her moan as my tongue probed her depths and my lips sucked and tugged at her clit, and the sound drove me into a frenzy. I started thrusting into Anwuli’s mouth with a lot more strength. To my surprise, and amusement, I met no resistance. My shaft slipped in and out of her mouth, and, occasionally, down her throat, with ease. I felt myself tense and reached down to hold her head down as I thrust in deep and poured into her throat. She took it like a pro, swallowing and sucking every bit of my cum out of me. I hadn’t even noticed Deola had slid off my face during my rush. I watched as she crawled over to Anwuli, dragged her head off my rod, and kissed her full on the lips. Oh crap. I was getting hard again.

Well, there. :).

Before I go, please check out @CapoeiraPanda’s latest piece Goodbye. It’s a response to my post Say Hello To Goodbye. You might want to read them side-by-side if you can. I just loved it so much, and want you all to see it :D. I apologize for the numerous links.

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Me & Irene

I love to watch her when she strips out of her clothes. Each movement is so sensual, I think she does it deliberately. Every time I see her fingers graze a part of her dark skin, I wish those fingers were mine. Or, better yet, my lips. I watch her unhook her bra and slide it off, revealing her perky A cups. The sight of her nipples always makes me happy. They always seem so happy to see me, pointy and erect on her breasts that beckon to me. Thinking about those nips between my teeth excites me to no end, and she knows.

My gaze fixed on her, she turns around and bends over to take off her panties, giving me a perfect view of her rounded backside. I sigh, as my longing becomes an ache. She smiles and walks over to the foot of the bed, in her naked awesomeness. She loves to make me react, to make my entire being ache for her. And ache, I do. Everyday as I watch her go about her routines, and every night as we cuddle. I return her smile “Come to bed, love.”

She gets on the bed and begins to crawl towards me, but she doesn’t take her usual spot next to me. Irene crawls up to me and eases my legs apart. My heart’s pounding, my brain still trying to figure out whether or not this is really happening. And then I feel her soft hands wrap around my throbbing hardness. The pleasure the warmth brings is indescribable. I stare into her warm brown eyes as her hand begins to slid up and down. I’m afraid to ask the question out loud because she might change her mind, but she understands. I see it in her eyes before she smiles and lowers her head to cover the tip of my shaft with her lips. Those soft lips that drive me insane.

Her head sinks lower, and she sucks just a bit harder at every level of her decent until I’m all the way into her mouth, and I feel her lips on the skin at the base of my cock. I shudder as I hit the wall at the back of her throat, and begin to slide in and out slowly. Her moans cause vibrations that excite me even more, and my fingers find their way to my nipples. Tweaking them adds to the heat still building up in me, and my thrusts become faster, and plunge deeper into her throat.

I feel her hand on my balls, gently squeezing as she tightens her lips on my throbbing hardness, and I know she’s trying to get me to cum. But I’ve waited too long, and I intend to enjoy this for as long as I could make it last. I pull out of her mouth, lean in closer, and envelop her in a passionate kiss. Her hands find my breasts and begin to massage and rub my nipples, just as my finger strokes her clit slowly. I slip two fingers into her, and feel her inhale sharply. My fingers slide in and out, and it isn’t long before she starts to writhe in pleasure and grind on them.

I take a nipple in my mouth, and nibble gently. Her soft cries echo in the back of my mind, and I can’t restrain myself much longer. Pulling her closer, I wrap her legs around my waist and push my cock into her dripping nani. It’s tight and warm, and the resulting pleasure overwhelms my senses. I keep her nipple in my mouth and grab her ass, squeezing and guiding her as she rides me.

She wraps her hand around my neck as she grinds slowly on my dick. Our moans fill the room as I thrust into her, getting coated by her warm fluids that flowed steadily. Her walls start to tremble around me, and I know she’s at the edge. My thrusts get deeper and more urgent, her hands tighten around my neck and her nails dig into my skin. I hold her against me and reduce to a slow, steady pace as she tumbles. The vibrations, heat and wetness around my cock cause my balls to tighten. A few more strokes and I pull out of her as I begin to cum, spurting between us, covering both our skins in my thick cum.

Spent, I lie back, and hold her against me, stroking her hair as she lay on my chest and played with my nipples.

I jumped as I heard the restroom door open. “Linda!?” It was Irene.
“I’m in here.” I managed to respond as I steadied my heart beat. “What is it?”
“Hian! Is your lunch break not over? Sometimes I don’t understand you.”
I took some toilet paper and started cleaning up my mess “Me sef, I don’t understand you. Are you paying my salary?” I cleaned up, threw the wads of toilet paper in the bowl and flushed. I stuffed my now flaccid cock back into my underwear, pulled up my shorts, and rolled down my skirt before stepping out of the stall and walking over to a sink to wash my hands.
Irene stood at the door, arms crossed and tapping her feet. “Are you finally done?”
I smiled at my gorgeous bestie. “Ehn. Oya, let’s go back to the office.”

A Thief in the Night

I can’t believe I’m going to do this.
My hand stayed frozen on the door knob, my heart pounding in my chest as I stood in the hall in nothing but my boxers. I couldn’t understand why I was nervous. I’d chosen the perfect night. NEPA had cooperated for once, and ensured the entire house was in complete darkness, hiding me. The storm outside threatened to uproot the house from it’s foundation, but the howling wind and deafening thunder masked any sounds I might make, so I was good.. Sure, a part of me was tugging at me, telling me to back away and go back to my room, but I knew opportunities this good were few and far apart and I had passed the desperate mark a very long time ago. I told myself it was her fault over and again. I wouldn’t be here if she’d just given it to me when I asked. I was already downstairs anyway. No turning back now.

My heart still pounding, I turned the knob and pushed the door open just as another crack of thunder shook the house. A gust of cold wind hit my face as I entered the room and shut the door behind me. She had the windows open, and the room was chilly. Some light from the neighbors’ houses filtered into the room, giving it some lighting. Not enough to expose me though. It was all mostly concentrated on her bed, which was by the window. I set about my mission, not wanting to waste anytime.

I knew she kept it behind the bed, between the headboard and the wall, so I made a beeline there. Get in, get out. I repeated the mantra like a broken record in my head.. I got to the bed, and squatted next to it so I could reach behind. It only took a few seconds of groping around before I felt the leather against my fingertips. Smiling to myself, I pulled it out of its hiding place. I slipped my hand into the bag and rummaged around blindly until I found the object of my desire. I pulled out her wallet and opened it. I already knew the contents – several thousand naira notes – so, I just counted and helped myself to the amount I wanted. I’m a very reasonable person. Why take more than was needed?

I had returned the bag to it’s position behind the bed, and was ready to leave when I had the sudden urge to gloat to my sleeping cousin. That would teach her to be greedy with money. I turned to stick my tongue out at her as lightening lit up the room. My eyes almost fell out of their sockets. She lay naked on the bed, save for a wrapper that was strewn lazily across her feet, face up, breasts and private region exposed. My eyes were transfixed on her body, and my legs directed themselves toward the cause of this mental focus. I stood over the bed, admiring her curves, and the fullness of her breasts. Honestly, that was all I was going to do. Until I noticed her right hand was between her thighs, just below her clean-shaved mound.

I was instantly hard. At that point, I think I lost all control of my body’s motor functions. I spread her legs apart gently and knelt between them, moving her hand so I examine the exposed flesh between her thighs. Stroking her clit with a finger and glanced up to her face, waiting for a reaction. About a minute of stroking, and no reaction was forthcoming, but the juices that began coating the flesh sent me n entirely different message. This excited me to no end. I could feel my rod throbbing between my legs, threatening to rip a hole through my shorts. I slipped a finger into her treasure pot to get a feel of it, and her hip rose to meet my finger. I thought she’d woken up, but on checking I saw her eyes were still closed. So, I slipped another finger in and began to slide in and out slowly. Her hips rose and fell to match the rhythm of my fingers.

I couldn’t take it anymore. If her subconscious was enjoying having a swell time, why shouldn’t I as well? Without stopping what I was already doing with my fingers, I slid my shaft out of its prison and brought it up to her entrance. I slid my fingers out and pushed in simultaneously. I could’ve sworn she’d woken up then, because her back rose up off the bed, so I paused for a couple of seconds. She lay completely still. It was so wet and warm and tight inside of her, I couldn’t really bear to wait anymore. I lifted her legs, wrapped them around my knees and began to thrust into her. I closed my eyes and lost my mind to the pleasure, but I could swear I heard her moaning at intervals. My hands reached up to fondle the mounds of flesh on her chest. Her hips started moving again, and I thought I felt her legs tighten around me, but I couldn’t really be bothered with such details at that point. I held back a grunt as one final, deep thrust sent me over the edge. I felt her walls twitch and tighten around my rod as I poured into her.

The next morning at breakfast, I was positively joyful. My night had been amazing. I’d accomplished my mission, and gotten an added bonus, and no one was any the wiser. It didn’t even seem like my cousin had noticed her money was missing. It was saturday, and the whole family was seated at the table, food, jokes and laughter all around. I had to drop my cousin off at the salon, and I had no reason to dread an uncomfortable ride. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up at our destination and she turned to me and said “Wale, thanks for last night. But please don’t finish all that money. I kinda need it.”. And then she got out, a smile on her face, leaving me awestruck in the car, my mouth open for all the flies in Africa to inhabit.

Hey. So, I wrote this post because I had received some very threatening IMs and DMs from certain people who shall remain nameless. Please forgive all typos. I’m really very sleepy.

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Enter, The Domina

Uhh, hello. So, today’s post is erm… Well sha, it’s…..
Lemme just say it’s my own conclusion to @RealistXX’s So You Think You Can Think (3). I know I’m carrying last, but appaz, that how I roll. The first paragraph was written by @thetoolsman. I just completed the story as the instructions said.
So…..oh! And this post was also inspired by the domina herself, @chinnydiva.
*backs out slowly*

His eyes fluttered open. The bright bolt of sunlight that flooded the room stung and he quickly closed them. He tried to move his hands towards his eyes to shield them but the pain he felt was excruciating. Some seconds, perhaps minutes passed and not so distant sounds of movement brought him back to the present. He knew he had to move. He had to get up. He had to open his eyes. Using every bout of strength left in him he pushed up from where he had been lying and he opened his eyes, wincing loudly as he did so…

What’s going on? He thought to himself as the pain forced him back into a lying position. His eyes scanned the room searching for clues, but there really wasn’t much he could see. From where he lay, he had a pretty, good view of the ceiling, a fairly decent view of the door, if he strained, and the walls on either side of him. The room appeared to empty, save the table he was strapped to. He could hear water rushing steadily outside. A stream? Where am I? How did I get here?

And that was when he realized why he couldn’t move, and where the pain he felt was coming from. His hands and legs were bound tightly to the table with wrist and ankle cuffs, restricting his movement, and there was some sort of pressure on his nipples. It was excruciatingly painful and cold, but, at the same time, slightly pleasurable. He tried again to push himself up and get a better view, and he noticed the metal chains dangling above his stomach that led up to clamps on his nipples.

Doing a quick mental assessment of the situation, he came to the conclusion that this could not turn out well for him. Why was he strapped to a table in an unknown room with nipple clamps on? He began to call out frantically. Hoping, wishing desperately, someone who could help would hear. He grew weary after five minutes of no response. Tired, scared, confused, he closed his eyes in an attempt to rationalize the situation. The door creaked open.

Something was being rolled in by someone in heels. So, it’s a chick. Still unsure if this was good or bad for him, he turned to his left to get a better view of his visitor, who had come to a halt next to him. She wore a red and black lingerie piece. A half-cut, lace-trimmed bra held up her perky Ds, and he could tell the crotchless bottom half was a thong. He wished he could smack himself for getting turned on in such a situation.

“I see you’re awake.” She was smiling, as she ran a manicured finger down his torso, to his more sensitive areas and covered his lingam with soft hands. Her smile widened as he moaned. Reaching over to the table she had rolled in with one hand, she began to stroke him gently with the other. “I’m just going to get you ready for the mistress.”
“Mistress?” He managed to ask “What mistress? Where am I? What’s going on?”
She merely shushed him, and then proceeded to gag him with a ball gag. “We can’t have you making a hell of aa noise when she comes in. She really doesn’t like it.” Bending over him, she covered his lingam with her full lips and giggled as he moaned and grew harder.

Even more confused now, he lay there as this stranger sucked on him with expertise. At intervals, she would tighten one of the clamps on his nipples, forcing him to wince, but it was still pleasurable. So pleasurable in fact, that he almost cried out when she slid his erect member out of her warm mouth. And then he felt something cold clamp around the base of his lingam.
“This will keep you from ruining our fun too early.” She sang, tightening the clamp, and attaching more gear to his manhood.
The pain was excruciating. Suddenly, the weight of what she’d just said hit him, and, almost simultaneously, a group of six women, five in the same attire as the one attending to him, walked in. He assumed the one completely nude goddess leading the group was the mistress. Maybe his assumption was also helped along by the presence of a whip in her hand.

He saw her smile a wide, kind of knowing smile, and knew he was in for something. Whatever it was..

Missing Him

Before I anything else, lemme first say that this post was inspired by this thetoolsman’s post on wednesday. Ehenn. Yes, I read the post and it got me thinking about this. If you don’t see how, well, that’s too bad. But those who know, know what LDRs can do to people. Especially with people putting up some kind of posts every Friday. *sigh* I digress.
Sha, without further delay, here it is.

I missed him so much. It seemed like we’d been apart forever. It was dark, and I couldn’t see him. I didn’t need to. I shut my eyes. I didn’t need the light. I could feel him.

I could feel his hands on my skin, groping and scratching. His hot breath on my neck. His tongue, tracing lines along my flesh. I shivered, clenched the sheet beneath me as my body rose to meet his. But my effort was in vain. I fell back on the bed. Continued to let him work.

His hands went everywhere they needed to be. They fondled my breasts, pinched my nipples into excitement, and groped my ass; gently massaging each butt cheek. I felt everything. Heat building in me with every touch. I just wished his body would be closer. I needed to hold him against me.

I felt his lips against my bare flesh. Felt him trail small bites across my neck. Felt him cover each nibble with a kiss. And then he moved lower. My nipple between his teeth. I moaned. His tongue danced on my nipple, pushing me further. He knew it was sensitive. He sucked gently, causing me so much pleasure, my body became restless.. Again, I tried to close the distance. Again, I failed.

I felt his hand move down my torso, his finger tracing an imaginary line on my skin. Goose pimples, I believe it’s called, is what he gave me. I could feel him, like I’d felt him a million times before. I knew, and I waited. His fingers found my hot spot, and began to play with it. I felt him flick my clit gently. Felt my juices flow in response. I just wished he’d come closer, but he wouldn’t.

I felt his fingers slip inside my warmth. I gasped and shuddered. It was a welcome invasion. He kept a thumb massaging the entrance as his fingers worked inside my sex pot. Slowly, they eased in and out. Teasing me. Pushing. Tempting. Making me want more. I rose my hips to meet his fingers’ gentle thrusts. I wanted him to know I needed more. He needed to be deeper. He obliged.

I felt his fingers go deeper into me. They picked up the pace, driving me into a frenzy. The immense pleasure exploded in my mind, and took over. His fingers kept thrusting. Faster. Deeper. Rubbing against my walls. I was getting closer. I could feel the pressure building inside of me. I longed for the release. His teeth clamped down on my nipple, shooting electricity up my spine. His fingers working faster still. I could feel them. Feel him. And then his thumb pushed down on my clit as he thrust his finger deep inside one last time.

I let out a soft scream. I felt my body arch off the bed as I exploded inside. I stayed suspended for what seemed like ages, before I finally collapsed on the bed, shaking. My heart racing, and my breathing unsteady. He’d leave me now. Let me catch my breath. Get some rest.

I opened my eyes. I still couldn’t see him. I reached over and turned on my night light. My eyes slowly adjusted to the brightness. He wasn’t here. I slipped my now sticky finger out and turned on my side. His picture stood on my night stand. I smiled as I stared at it, and slowly drifted off into sleep.

DISCLAIMER: The above story is not necessarily how the author always deals with her LDR. Times are difficult.

All comments, smileys, exclamations, etc are welcome. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Say “Hello” To Goodbye

This is a story that’s been playing around in my head for weeks. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure how to get it out. And then, this came to me *whooosh*. Please leave your thoughts in the comment box. Thanks much


Even when he’d hugged me, I knew.
It wouldn’t be the same again. It couldn’t.

It didn’t matter how much I wanted it.
How long I’d craved it.
My patience, my care, my emotions.
Every bit of hope. Every beautiful fantasy.
Shattered. The fragments ground into dust.
Lost. Like ashes scattered over a cliff.

I stared at my phone, that accursed device.
The message within – “there’s someone else”
It hit me again. The pain and the hurt. The anger.
I wished I could hurt it back. Make it suffer.
Damn!! The tears I have to hide.
Like the feelings I’d locked away and hidden from sight.

His back turned to me, I watched him intently. Bent over his work.
Oblivious to my emotional rollercoaster
I shouldn’t be here. I knew. He knew.
But I was. I’d come because he’d asked me to.
Because I still lusted.
Yes. I did, even though I knew I shouldn’t.

What I desperately wanted to hear, he hadn’t said.
No empty promises, no false hope.
Leave or stay.
A decision. He’d left it to me to make.
I’d be his for as long as he wanted. But he wouldn’t be mine.
I’d get the scraps. But I’d be happy.
Wouldn’t I?

Me. Him. Her.
I couldn’t. I wanted to. I almost did. But I couldn’t.
He didn’t look up as I got dressed. I didn’t see him turn as I shut the door gently.
My echoing footsteps in the empty hallway taunt me.
I ignore them. I have to. I must.
I’d never completely leave him.
Couldn’t forget it all
PING!!! His “Goodbye” said it all.

No Strings

I shouldn’t feel this good. This shouldn’t feel this good. Especially not with him.
But it did. My back against the wall, his firm arms holding me up, my legs wrapped around his waist, locking him in, making damn sure he didn’t stray too far. Yeah, it felt good, being taken this way. The force of his thrust had me banging against the wall each time, but I didn’t care. I could smell our sex in the air, and, whenever he leaned in to kiss me, I could taste him. I could taste myself too, just a hint on the tip of his tongue. The tongue he’d used so skillfully earlier on. I tightened my grip on his shoulders, pulled him even closer with my legs. I never imagined he would be this amazing. I wanted…no. No. I NEEDED him to be deeper. And I sensed he wanted to be there too. His thrust became more urgent. Low grunts mixed with soft moans, I felt him jerk a bit, and then we both climaxed.

I took my time returning to earth from that ecstatic high, and then opened my eyes. He was staring at me. Smiling. Obviously very pleased with himself. “You might want to put me down now. Tony will be back soon, and I doubt he’s expecting to see his girlfriend and best friend in such a compromising position.”
He carried me over to the three-seater sofa and gently lay me on my back, staying between my thighs. Brushing back some of my hair that sweat had glued to my forehead, he looked straight into my eyes and said what had to be the most ridiculous thing I’d heard that week “I don’t particularly care, Ada. I want him to find out about us.”
I just laughed. He’d very obviously lost the plot.