PROMPT: Write from a dark place. It could from any area of your life. Remember to go with your first flash and just write for 5 – 10 minutes without pausing.

I ain’t ever done no wrong

Well maybe I have…

But help me Lord. Help me

My heart… it hurts

It weighs a tone and a half

And yet, it feels kinda empty

How is that even possible?

I’m worried it’s too big

Will you please take it way?

Yes, I’m willing to trade

I’ll trade you my heart for someone to hold

Or just someone to talk to

To laugh with and tell all my lame ass jokes

A friend or a lover, doesn’t really matter

Heck, I’ll take a stranger for a night

As long as I’m not alone

I’ll make the night last forever

At least in my head we can be together forever

Blissfully basking in the glorious warmth of my memory

My treasure

What am I saying?

Can one be happy without a heart?

Doesn’t seem like a fair trade Gosh,

I feel so lost

So hopelessly stranded

Stuck behind a sky-high fence I sat and watched everyone else build around me Imprisoned by my own thoughts

Strangled by failed dreams and unrealized potential

Alone forever with no way out

Feeble cries, lowly whimpers

Unnoticed and unheard, but mostly ignored

Pounding on the bricks until my fists bleed

Praying for someone, anyone to save me

It’s getting boring looking up to the skies

Not to mention desperately pathetic

Went ahead and dug a hole to bury my soul in

Somehow, I ended up crawling even deeper

Stop this insufferable rambling


Help me Lord, help me


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