Prompt: Imagine yourself as a precious, innocent, loving 3-year-old, moving around in the world with an undefended heart. Spend a couple of minutes to really get this picture. Now write about something in your life from that time.



It’s beautiful being a toddler

Young and oblivious to everything in your immediate surrounding

Seeing the world through round, untainted eyes

Witnessing the most damaging of events and not even realizing

Able to sit still in awe when the floor beneath you is vibrating relentlessly

Partially deaf to the echoes of the shouting match in the next room

Wondering what the parents are up to and why they’re so excited

Harsh reality clouded by what we think is eternal love

Playing with your bricks is a lot more important than going to find out

They get this excited every time daddy’s home, anyway

It’s great being young and unaware

Unable to identify the look in her eyes when the door finally opens

Not knowing that he’s picking you up off the floor for the last time

Wrapping your arms around him as he holds you close to his chest

He’s going on a trip, he says, and he won’t be back for a long time

Not understanding why he’s being so ceremonious when he goes on trips all the time

Not really noticing the boxes he’s taking with him this time

Giggling when she asks him to put you down and going right back to your bricks

Happy and safe in your own bubble reality

You’re so young and safe and happy

You don’t know it’ll be years before you see him again

Or that a serious emotional blow has been dealt

You have no idea that this will be your only memory of this age

And that this memory will go on to define you and most of your relationships

So, right now, you’re content – happy and full of life – and that’s just fine


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