Have You Seen? | Yinks – My Homies Still Freestyle

Yinks is a Nigerian based UK Artist and is looking to show his talent to the world and change the UK scene with his efforts and unique style of rapping.


“In everything I do if I get knocked down in it I have to rise up to be the best, that’s just how I am”, said Yinks Alaka, who has spent the most part of his musical career in the United Kingdom. ‘Everything so far has and is been done independently which includes writing my own songs and lyrics to promotion and branding myself I now have a strong team who together we go by the name of IEINEI, who believe in me and push me to my limits to be the best which is what I aim to be and I will get there. WE will be a force to be reckoned with.’


‘While I cannot deny that my career started of as me being a singer, I have no doubt that music is part of me and I am gifted; I feel the need to represent my people and everyone else who share me emotions and make music that ‘we’ can identify as Honest, Fun and real.


The greatly talented 19-year old is known for being himself, his great flow and wordplay, saying what other rappers wouldn’t and having a lot of energy plus great camera presence, all of this is what makes his fans warm to him and feel close to him also. Yinks, began his musical career singing in his primary and secondary school, as he was involved in the school choir, until he found poetry and rhymes came easily as if it was natural. ‘I would always rap and sing around the house and around my friends non-stop. ‘I knew then that it was what I want to do as a career and hobby’.Yinks has released a number of freestyle and a Track titled Rapstar, which was a remake of Dappy’s- Rockstar Feat Brian May.


His growing and loyal fans are not the only ones noticing him. As he once received a tweet from signed Artist Bluey Robinson saying he is pleased and Yinks should keep up the good work.


This current Freestyle Track: My Homies Still which is done to Lil Wayne Feat Big Sean- My Homies Still has just recently been released and his energy, character, dress sense and style I must say really compliments the video and is not one to be missed. Yinks Alaka is set to release a captivating video that is sure to grant him the respect he deserves as one of the most lyrically talented rappers emerging from UK. His Mixtape is surely one to look out for.


 Watch My Homies Still Freestyle below



Also check out his other videos on his YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/manlikeyinks?feature=mhee


For bookings/enquiries please contact: artistyinks@hotmail.com.


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