Week 5 – Welcome To February

Welcome to February, Ladies and gentlemen. I’m glad you could make it. Before I regale you with my pretty drab week, I’d like to tell you how excited I am about this month. And it’s not just because valentines is around the corner, or because I know a certain someone who’s getting me one of the AskBuki packages. I just feel awesome about this month. Like something really epic is going to happen soon. And not just for me; for all of us. Just be ready.

And now, your feature presentation… -_-

Remember the couple from last week? Yeah, it turns out they are an actual couple and they have a lot more drama than I could have anticipated. Like, this man woke up on Monday morning and beat this girl. Seriously beat her oh! I think he might have even given her punishment to do as well. Babe was seriously crying for at least an hour – the annoying kind of crying that kids do with all the wheezing and coughing and hiccups. The entire time, the guy kept saying while this girl was weeping was “My friend, stop that!” and “Shut up there!” I didn’t know if I was more disgusted or pained.

I thought they had laws against hitting women in Accra. I kept wondering why no one did anything. I could hear one of the cleaners passing by the room over and again.  I knew the hotel manager was at the reception. There’s supposed to be a security guard at the hotel. Neither of them did anything. Last year, at the hotel next to this one, a guy hit a sex worker and the hotel manager called the cops immediately. As in, swiftly. He didn’t even want to hear whatever reason he had. *sigh* the manager sha showed up after almost three hours of the girl’s continuous crying and went to settle. Telling the man that he should be petting the girl and telling the girl not to be annoying the guy. I’m like WTAF?!?! And the guy was going on about how he always “handles his women”. I was disgusted. It took everything in me to just mind my business and stay on my bed.

Meanwhile, this same manager came to knock on my door when I was listening to music today that I’m disturbing the hotel. He must be mad. Anuohia. I left my music on, waiting to see if he would come back s icould give him a piece of my mind. Plus jara.

In other news…

My school administration woke up one morning and decided they wanted every student to submit a copy of their residence permit before the 30th of January. So, I spent the past two weeks running up and down trying to acquire one. “But Coco, you’ve been in Ghana for almost a year now. Why don’t you have your residence permit?” SHUT UP!!! Is it your business? Are you my mother? The main issue is that I walk for 3 HOURS because I couldn’t find the right immigration office. And then I actually went to an office where half the people supposed to be working there had no idea what went on outside their offices. Before I start rambling about what I’m not supposed to, lemme just say that I got the permit issue sorted, thanks to a new acquaintance, so thank God.

One thing i learnt from walking three hours though is that i really don’t know anywhere in Ghana. i’ve been here for almost a year and i have nothing to say about or show fo it. I all do is complain, complain, and complain some more. It didn’t help when I spent Thursday with a friend who just got here in November and she’s seen movies at the mall and i hadn’t even been upstairs until that day. So, no more. Starting this week, I’m going to go somewhere new every week. It’s time to start experiencing Ghana. I might need a guide or company though.

I’m getting more active at school; Now in a committee that’s in charge of hosting the schools awards show ^_^. Admittedly, I was dragged into it. But it’ll look good when I apply for my masters’ degree, so I’ve decided to go along with it. I’m also planning an event for the 16th that I’m incredibly excited about. I’ll give you more details on that later. I’ve gone back to fine tuning my Photoshop skills, and I’m working on two new series I believe you’re going to enjoy. Don’t want to start uploading until I’m totally done. We all know by now how I get with those (._.)   I also had a phone interview for a new writing job with ipublicizenaija. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but I want to believe they’re just playing hard-to-get.

Speaking of which, shey I begged you guys to be commenting on my posts on nayja.com? Don’t you want to support a sister’s hustle? What is the problem?  Biko. I’m trying to save up for a new laptop and an iPhone. Biko. Ehn? I’m begging.

Who’s excited about valentine? I am, even though I don’t really have a particular reason to be. I mean, it’s some sort of sick joke how the year I could actually have an actual valentine, I’m miles and miles away. God knows best, anyway. And I’m happy either way; whether he’s right here next to me, or he’s a-73k-plane-ticket-or-48-hour-road-trip away. That’s all that matters no? Sometimes, it just feels like it isn’t enough. I can’t wait to go back home.

SONG OF THE WEEK:  Macklemore – Otherside. Yes, I’m back to Macklemore. He’s just incredibly awesome. Right now, this song is on repeat. It’s so deep and I really connect with it because of some of the shit I’ve seen and been through. Every time I listen I have these images flash through my mind and they just completely shake the foundation of my world. I’m glad I left that life behind me, mhen. I honestly am. I thank God every day.

But have you downloaded Aisha’s ‘Pick Up‘ yet?

CRAVES: A Dell i5 and an iPhone. If you get me either one of these things, I will love you for a significant amount of time.  Seriously.

Once again, thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to be expectant this month. That miracle you’re expecting is just around the corner. I’m sitting on the corridor in front of my room to get enough network coverage to send this and mosquitoes are acting like i just laid out a buffet so,i really gotta go.

Peace, Love, and Ribena.



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