Absolute Certainty

Most times, I’m uncertain

I can never really decide

Which way to go, what to do

I’m never exactly certain what I want

But all that changed when I saw you

Have you ever felt a spark go off in your heart?

It felt like I’d stopped breathing

I was frantic, captivated

My world stood still for a the longest moment

Finally, it all made sense

You see, I knew

Somewhere deep down inside of me

That it was you

The one I’d been waiting for

All this time, searching desperately

Certainty is an amazing feeling

To be absolutely sure, without a sliver of doubt

Conviction. Knowing in your heart you’re right

I’ve wondered why it took so long

It’s like a drug I can’t get enough of

For once the first time in a long time, with absolute certainty, I know

I may crave, and long, and pine and sometimes I may lust

But I wrote this for you, so you can know like I do

There’s one thing we both can be sure of

I want you


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