Week 4 – In Transit

First attempt at securing a writing job this year was a bit of a bust. A lot of people seem to be unwilling to pay what they need to get quality work. Yes, I’m calling my work quality. I don’t understand how you can admit to a person that they are qualified and have the necessary experience, but you can’t hire them because you work with people who are more affordable. Should I undersell myself just for what I assume will eventually turn out to be a thankless job? No, please. Peace of mind over everything. I’ve managed to score a job posting for a new Nigerian forum. Hours are great and it’s a pretty sweet job. Please endeavor to check out the links I post on my twitter from time to time and comment on the posts and stuff. As cool as the job is though, I still kinda need a steady writing job. So, let me know if you know anyone who’s looking for a writer who can work remotely. God bless.

I had a classmate over this week. The school went on an excursion and they came back really late, so she couldn’t go home. I’m like “Sure, crash at mine.” Dumbass, that I am. This babe wakes up, tries to use my perfume without my consent, breaks the spring thingy, and puts the bottle back in the box without saying a word to me. My brother’s the one who saw the top on the floor and entire day after she’d left and handed it to me. I, not knowing what it was, was gonna throw it away, but something told me to go check my perfume. Imagine my shock when I saw the top of my perfume was gone. That’s definitely the last time she’s coming over. Humans are so base and tactless. I’ve constantly argued that we really are the lowest animals and I’ve continued to experience supports to my claim similar to this. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t go out of my way to make friends. Humans, hear my plea. The only thing that separates us from lower animals right now is the fact that we walk on two legs and talk. We need to do better.

IA is out. Yaay! The Internal Assignment (IA) is kinda like my school’s midterms. Except we have like a couple of weeks to answer the questions. One of the few reasons why I don’t think my school is a COMPLETE hell hole. After IA, comes the practical assignments (I’m taking two practical courses this semester) and then a month off for revision (whoop!) and then exams. My goal is to finish the IA in a week. Gonna tackle at least two questions everyday. Already started on one of my practicals. Wish me luck. ^.^

My sandals cut on my way to school, so that was the fashion disaster of the week. I managed to pull it off though. No one was any the wiser. Speaking of fashion, the post about my last awesome out fit is up on OmogeMuRa, so check it out. I was gonna do a post on my awesome outfit for this week as well, but then I changed my mind. I’ll be spacing out my cool outfit posts just so I can be sure I’ll have some new awesome stuff to post in the future. 😀 However, I did wear my cute new hoodie this week.


Bought it last year from F21, and just wore it for the first time this week. Ghana is hot as hell and I was sweating like a sacrificial lamb under it, but I looked cute and that’s really all that matters.  You can get constant updates from my instagram though. Okay. “Constant” is a bit of an exaggeration, but i do upload pictures from time to time.

Meanwhile, i’ve moved out of that shitty, overpriced place i was staying at. Back at the hotel we spent our first few months in GH in, but we should be settled into a new place by week’s end, God willing. Ghanaians are so loud though! my God. Louder than Yoruba people even. This morning,the people in the room next to mine where having some sort of fight. Appaz, the guy wanted to search the girl who was leaving his room to make sure she wasn’t taking the condom they’d used with her and the lady was more than offended by his audacity. I, a completely objective third-party observer with absolutely nothing to gain, found the entire ruckus quite amusing. t least now i know people are serious about this condom thing. So, guys, flush your condoms. It turns out girls really aren’t smiling.

Song Of The Week: ‘Some Nights’ – Glee. Love this song. I love Fun, but the glee cast KILLED this song. It’s my feel-good song of the week. I mean, when I first listened to it, I was kinda down and depressed and close to tears, but before the song was over I was smiling and laughing and jumping around the room singing along. I was reminded of the amazing people I have in my life and I just felt uber loved and super grateful for every one of them. It really is an amazing feeling.

I have a tonne of work to do tonight, so I’m gonna jump off here. Thanks again for stopping by. And, in case you’re wondering how I’m doing with my whole I-must-be-happy-this-year thing, all I have to say is: So far, so good.

Peace, love, and Ribena.


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