Self Help 101 (R18)

We haven’t written one of these in a while and decided to give it a shot. Enjoy. Or not. You know ( ._. )


She’s sitting on the chair from her work desk; stark naked, looking lost, trying not to give away her discomfort. It’s a bit endearing how she looks like a deer caught in headlights. She forces a smile as I stare at her unashamedly; my eyes washing over her cream skin, lingering on the mounds on her chest – soft globes of flesh with pink nipples that I’m positive are begging to be caressed and fondled. She stiffens in response to my examination, and I sigh. Getting her to strip completely and present herself before me had taken the best of my debate and reasoning skills, and I can see doubt hiding behind her bright blue eyes. For me, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin. She can conquer the world if she wants to, this one, but she’s tied down by fear and uncertainty. We’re here to fix that.

She’s extra tense tonight, I’ve made sure of it – forcing her to stay abstinent for a week just so she’s exactly the way I want her today. Hot and yearning for some release. I let my hand slide down from her shoulder where it’s resting down across the front of her chest, slightly brushing one nipple that hardens almost immediately. She blushes and her entire body turns an adorable pink as goose pimples cover her arms.

My other hand goes down further, past her tummy, and caresses her bare tight. More goose pimples. Her legs are long and shapely, and alabaster smooth. For a little bit, I wonder if I should just tease or go all the way to please her. While I contemplate, my fingers massage her breast gently and pause to roll over a nipple. She shudders beneath my palms and that’s really what makes the decision for me.

My hand slowly moves from her thigh to her soft pubic mound and the feel of the fine, blonde hair is oddly enticing tonight. A fingertip lightly brushes against her clitoris, and her desire swells. My fingers rub her clit in a slow, circular motion and she quivers. Her head falls back and her eyes close as I massage her breast and work her clit simultaneously.

And then, almost suddenly, her eyes open lazily and she stares at me. I watch her flushed face, sliding my fingers off her clit and into her wetness. She quivers around my fingers and arousal surges through me. She’s squirming beneath my ministratations and I have to cajole her back into an upright position for a clearer view.

Spreading her legs, my fingers pump a little bit faster and her rear grinds in time with them against the velvety cushion. Her eyes are struggling to stay open; she knows I want her to watch. I stop just as I feel her orgasm building and she let’s out a low moan in protest.

On my instruction, she stands slowly and I stare intently at her hard nipples and her glistening thighs. The need within me grows. Parting the soft curls that conceal her mound, I rub the swollen nub of flesh just beneath the tingling folds of her pussy. She gasps and I quiver in response. My free hand searches out a nipple and rubs it, making her squirm again. Her legs get shaky as I repeat the movements, holding her gaze the entire time, and her buzzing clit informs me there’s only so much more she can take. An orgasm starts to build agains, she’s shivering, and her eyes are fighting to stay open. It’s tempting to just collapse on the bed and let the orgasm was over, but it has to be this way. For both our sakes.

My upper arms glistening with sweat, warmth flushes through my entire body and my slippery fingers continue to rub and circle her pulsing clit, steadily increasing pace. Her wetness increases and she’s moaning softly, eyes still fluttering. Heat builds withing me and I struggle to watch her draw closer to release, basking in the sensations through my body. I tap the aroused node peeking out of her wetness, playing with it, stroking it harder, until she’s finally ready to bubble over.

The climax rages through her body and forces her on her toes. I feel the inner walls of her pussy contract and release, her clit throbbing and pulsing. Finally, moaning and gasping and totally drained, we sink to the floor and let the wave of ecstacy flow through every part of us.

After what seems like a lifetime passes, I sigh as the orgasm recedes and stare at her in the full-length mirror again. She’s beautiful, the woman I see there basking in afterglow. Doe-like shyness all but a faded memory. Eyes hazy, but filled with new-found awareness and confidence. Ready to rule.




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