So, I said I was gonna work on my poetry/spoken word. As of now, I’m still a bit shy to record stuff I write, but I will keep working on it. Meanwhile, this is a little free verse piece I wrote this evening. Constructive criticism is welcome. Bless.


Sometimes, Good stuff just happens

No, don’t roll your eyes

I promise you that I really mean that

Amazing can just tap you on your shoulder

Embrace you when you turn around

Like, “Hey, boo. I’m here. Did you miss me?”

And you’re standing there


Almost choking on words

Mind racing back and forth

Wondering why it took so long.

Forgetting what’s really important

Is to just live in the moment

Embrace Amazing right back

Be like “Yo, it’s been a minute!”

“Wanna head over to the mall where we used to kick it?”

Maybe catch a few movies and grab a drink or two

Just reminisce and watch the time fly by

Cuz you never know when it’ll all be gone.


And then it gets so dark, you can barely see

Can’t breathe easy, wheezing, suffocating

Arms stretched out beside you, reaching

Trying to stop the walls, but they keep closing in

You try to scream, hoping someone will hear you

It’s a lost cause, cuz what you thought you had is gone

You’re trapped in a too-small box

Left with memories, dreams, fears, and demons

Fighting not to go insane

Pushing through all the trials

The tears and the pain

Waiting for the day that you’re free

Wishing, praying, hoping, dreaming

That Amazing will come set you free

Are You Ready for Valentine?

Are You Ready for Valentine?


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