Week 3 – Back To School & Such

 consider this my own version of ROUNDS, which, by the way, was hilarious today.

So, yeah. My 2013 officially started this week. The first two weeks were filled with nothing but glee and awesomeness. If my life was a movie, those two weeks would be a montage of me and N having ice cream, lying on the bed, playing video games, wrestling each other and giggling, and all that lovey dovey stuff you think is truly nauseating until you’re the one in the montage and not just someone watching the damn movie. So, yeah.

Left Nigeria to go back to school in a country I’m still trying to like. I think leaving Abuja was the hardest thing I did this year. Especially because I missed my flight on Thursday, and N and I had to say goodbye twice. It was hard enough the first time, and having to do it again was just dreadful. *sigh* Speaking of, did you know Arik charges $100 if you miss your flight? I mean, the ticket alone cost over 70 grand. Worst part? When you get on the plane, they don’t even feed you. At least, if they’re sharing full bottle of water, it’s something. But, noooo. They hand you a disposable cup for juice or water and a thin slice of stale bread. It’s appalling, really. That’s why I’d much rather travel by road. At least, ABC will share rice and chicken ( -.- )

Anyhu, I got back to my overpriced apartment in Accra and got pissed off immediately. Walked into my room and the entire place was a mess. My bed was stripped, and the clothes I’d taken the time to launder and pack away neatly before my trip were strewn across the bedroom floor. Needless to say, I was infuriated. Especially as the only person who was in the house during the break said he didn’t know who’d done it. Of course, I immediately tweeted my annoyance, as I’m prone to do, and spent a good half hour sulking, fuming, and ranting to everyone who would read on bbm. I was about ready to set fire to my housemate’s belongings when I reminded myself of the one thing I said I would do this year – be happy.

So, I closed my eyes and counted down from 20, taking slow breaths as I did, and when I opened them again, my vision wasn’t blurred with rage anymore. Yay! I did go to bed hungry though, because it was too late to go get anything to eat 😦

The next day, God proved how truly faithful He is to me. We (my brother and I) had actually returned late. School resumed on the 3rd of January, and we’d apparently missed the registration deadline. Normally, I would be distraught at such information, but I hadn’t had breakfast and knew I didn’t have such energy to spare. I just sat in a corner and whispered a quick prayer. After waiting for about 15 minutes, I spotted the man who’d helped us with our admission coming in and rushed to him. After explaining my dilemma, answering questions like “Why are you just coming back?” and explaining to him that I was unaware of the deadline because the school has refused to send me mail despite the fact that I’ve written my email address down like five times before, he finally signed a slip allowing my brother and I to register. Thank God. I won’t go into how the cashier deliberately went out of her way to try to frustrate me. My God is bigger than her.

Of course, that didn’t count as my first day. For my official first day, I wore this 🙂

I took a lot of pictures too. Was gonna upload them, but I look really awkward in most. Posing pretty for pictures is hard 😦 But, a post will be up on OmogeMuRa soon so look out for that.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Had a surprise test I hope I aced, downloaded series, read, worked, etc. We’re moving out of this apartment in a week, so there’s that. I have my eyes set on a room in a hostel at Legon. Hopefully, my next post in this category will come from there. Although, it’s unlikely as my mum is insistent the brother and I continue to live together. How lucky am I?

Song of the Week: Macklemore – Life Is Cinema. Can’t get enough of this song. Can’t get enough of Macklemore, actually. He’s part of the reason why I’m thinking about dabbling in spoken word.

Reading: Help! I’m Raising My Children Alone by T. D. Jakes. This was a christmas present from old friends I happened to run into during the holiday. They were really awesome and even got something for the baby as well. Who, by the way, started school yesterday. Well, it’s really day care but they teach alphabets and numbers and colours and stuff too so, yay!


i) An iphone. This phone is becoming a whole lot more than a nuisance. Especially as the inkblot on my screen has refused to stop strolling up and down. And yes, i want an iphone. or the Lumia 900. I’m not picky.

ii) These wedge sneakers from GoJane I’ve had my eye on for months now.

I ordered pounded yam from this place someone gave me the number for today, and I’ve fallen in love. About to go dress up and find out their address so I can set up my office there.

Peace, Love, and Ribena :*

Are You Ready for Valentine?


2 thoughts on “Week 3 – Back To School & Such

  1. I can so relate to the gettin used to Accra part…that town is so expensive and nothin is even worth the price.I am sure you’l find a balance soon and enjoy your stay. I like your skin(flawless) and that bag(Y).

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