We’ve all been bored. While some very rarely experience the phenomenon known as boredom, there are those who hold high-ranking political positions in the kingdom of the bored. Unfortunately, I wandered into this kingdom a while back. I’ve been trying my very possible best to escape, but everything I tried came to nought.

Not too long ago, I found myself being registered as a citizen and I just received my passport about a week ago. I’m planning to have a party. Make a whole affair out of it. You should come.

Back to my story.

So, I was lounging on my bed enjoying my citizenship and doing my passport proud when I received a broadcast message:

Take a picture of whatever is in front of U, send it to me, I want to see wat u’re seeing right now:D …then forward this message and see how many random pictures you get!

Can you guess what I did? Yup! That’s right. I closed the chat #LikeABawse. I don’t play all those silly bb games. Most of them are just really annoying. I worked too hard to attain my coo keed status, and I can’t afford to just fling it away like used paynt. Anyhu, that’s how I closed the chat and put my phone down.

After about five seconds of listening to the fan, I picked it back up, took a picture of what I was staring at, and sent it to the person who sent me the broadcast ( -.- ). After a conversation that’s none of your business, I put the phone back down and stared at the ceiling for a bit. For lack of anything more entertaining to do, thanks to my citizenship, I picked the phone up again and sent the broadcast to everyone on my contact list.

In retrospect, I should have probably selected the people I was send the message to carefully, as opposed to just ticking ‘select all’, but I’m glad I did because I learnt some stuff I would like to share with you today.

What did I learn from sending a broadcast asking people to send me pictures of what they were looking at?

    1. People are either too busy for their own good, or just stuck up. Before I sent the BC, I informed my contacts via my PM, urging them to kindly oblige me as I was bored. Inspite of my appeal, would you believe some people still ignored the message? Ehn! If you ask them now, they’ll say they were working. People sent me pictures from their offices! And those that couldn’t sent me IMs explaining the situation. So what could you possibly be doing?!

    2)People spend a lot of time in the bathroom. (•_•) I got a fair amount of bathroom pics. Sinks, bathtubs, bathroom doors, the view from the open toilet door… *sigh* Kinda reminded me of rushing into strangers’ bathrooms one time when I had an august visitor. Mind you, diarrhoea is the shittiest august visitor you will ever have. But this isn’t about me and my bowel movements. What are you guys spending so much time in the bathroom doing? O.o

    3. People are liars, or actually really bored. Too many people didn’t send pictures of what they were actually looking at. Am I supposed to believe like 65% of the people on my contact list spend their time staring at walls, fans, closets, and such? Camaaan!!! Some people even sent pictures of walls (¬_¬) Who knows. Maybe you guys were browsing. Maybe. But, if there really is such a vast number of bored people out there, maybe we should consider forming some sort of club. Don’t you think?

    4. People are shifty. Those who sent me pictures of their laptop screens (¬_¬) I’m onto you. You were staring at your desktop, yeah? Cool story, bro. I gotcha. And the ones that showed me documents. I’m supposed to believe that’s what you’re using the laptop for ba? No p. I’ll play along. I would’ve maybe even chopped small if you’d shown me a game or a movie. But documents? Your desktop? Really? I just hope you were able to pick back up whatever it was you were really doing from where you left off.

    5. People don’t read anymore. 😦 Not one person sent me a picture of an open book. Or a PDF on the laptop at the very least. It’s honestly quite disheartening. Especially as the spoken and written english in the country is steadily deteriorating. Please, let’s read more. Novels, newspapers, magazines, self-help books, books that are actually educational. Please. Plus, at least now those of you that tweet ish like “back to reading” are probably lying.

    6. @rhaihan_jannah is either a twin, or has super powers. This is probably the most important thing I learnt today. She sent me a picture of HERSELF! So, she was either staring at herself (O_O) or at her twin that she’s managed to keep a secret for this long. I’m just happy I’m the one that uncovered this secret. Feel free to thank me with monetary gifts.

Hopefully, when next I’m bored the club for bored people would be set up and in full operation, and I’ll have somewhere to go. Instead of having to rely on petty bb games for entertainment. Meanwhile, feel free to leave helpful suggestions that will be deeply appreciated in the comment section below.

*goes back to reading*


10 thoughts on “CAUSE & EFFECT: BOREDOM

  1. Lmao! This is just trips…

    Pls lemme kno wen d club is bn set up…
    & I’m totally advocating for no. 5!!!!!!

  2. Nice.
    Does being bored while working count? if it does, I’m almost always bored 😦 #sigh
    Hurry on on the club, maybe BA (bored anonymous).
    I see my first session already.
    Me: I’m IronHyde and I’m bored 😐
    All: Hello Iron Hyde…

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