Stories That Touch 3…And a Half (•_•)

Please don’t hate me. I couldn’t figure out what to write about today, so I decided to put up the extra two paragraphs I’ve managed to write in continuation of the story I’m doing. Like I said, I really don’t know where this story is going. I’m just writing as it comes to me, and I’m not even certain I’m gonna finish it. Bear with me. You guys are awesome keezes all around 😀

Dee screams as he starts crawling ontop of her, her body squirming in revulsion and trying to avoid as much of his touch as she can as his hands grope at her breasts. He lines himself up with her and she squeezes her eyes shut, not wanting to see what’s about to go into her. Legs pulled taut to either side of her, and his weight on her preventing any upward movement, Dee realises there’s no escape from his prodding shaft. She is caught and susceptible to him.

His cock nuzzles up to her and starts to enter as he moves around on top her. Dee whimpers as he grabs her chin and turns her head to face him. Even with eyes squeezed tightly shut, she couldn’t bear to leave her face turned upright. She feels his fingers on her eyelids, trying to force them open. A crooning hiss urges her to look, but she resists as long as she can. All the while, his cock is inching closer and closer to having its entire head inside of her.

She knows he’s almost all the way inside of her, and shame washes over her as she finds herself, once again, longing for him. If she could move, she would be thrusting upwards to take him in, and the realisation of this strengthens her resolve not to look. Deep down inside of her, Dee knows if she were to look at him, at those dark eyes, she would be lost forever. Gone, just another unsolved missing case like the ones she always watches on Crime Network. He moves a finger to get a stronger hold on one eyelid, and Dee feels her right eye inching open. She squirms under him in intense fright as his face comes into view just inches from hers.

Suddenly, his hands pull away and Dee immediately shuts her eyes again, saved from having to look at him. She’s wondering what made him withdraw so quickly, when the cry of a baby rings across the sky. And then she feels herself standing upright, her arms and legs free, and fully clothed. Cautiously, she cracks one eye open. Before here is the dining table, the china cabinet is further along, and more sounds are coming from her hip. The baby is up and crying.

Heaving a sigh of relief, and regret, she moves around the table to the kitchen door. In an attempt to make herself feel better about the experience she just had, Dee thinks how the swinging doors could have been used during the time people had dinosaurs for pets. Unlike the rest of the house, the kitchen is really modern. There’s a stainless steel fridge and oven with a gas stovetop, a stainless steel island with a black granite surface in the middle, and dangling above the island are three cast iron frying pans, four stainless steel pots, and two oven mitts, white with red roses and pink frill.

Dee opens the fridge and finds several tupperware dishes, each one marked with a label describing its contents – pot roast and steamed potatoess, steak, gumbo, fried chicken, and even pizza. On the top shelf, there are a number of baby bottles. Dee grabs one, screws the top off, and turns to the microwave. There’s a note on the door that says “Micro the bottle for twenty seconds”


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