Stories That Touch 3

Dee found herself wondering how being on an old freighter would feel, only moving as fast as the wind would permit, and sleeping in shifts to make up for the lack of space. Enveloped by these thoughts, she made her way around the table before walking past the china cabinet on the way to the kitchen. A flash of light catches her eye, and her eyes are drawn straight to the storm-tossed freighter.

Suddenly, rain is coming down hard on her, and the ground is rolling to and fro. Stunned, Dee reaches out with one hand and tries to grab hold of a piece of wood. It’s extremely dark, and she’s unable to make out anything until a flash of lighting spears across the sky accompanied by a mighty clash of thunder. What little light the lightening provided made it possible for Dee to see spot a railing a few feet from where she stands. Past the railing, there is a roiling sea, and the ground and carpet have been replaced by broken planks.

A length of rope forms a noose around her ankle, and Dee begins to scream hysterically. She feels a hand on her shoulder and turns to face whoever touched her, but she just faints instead.

When she comes to, she is on her back, and the rain seems to have stopped. Although, the ground is still swaying a little, and she can still make out the sound of gusting wind, a crack of lighting, and then the boom of thunder. Dee opens her eyes to see she is in a sort of cabin with close walls and a high ceiling. All around her are barrels and boxes, and there’s a sort of path down the middle.

Almost as soon as she notices that she and everything around her are swaying back and forth, she hears a hiss to her left. Shrieking, she attempts rolling off where she lay and discovers it is a hammock. Dazed, she laid under the sudden hammock roof until one of the hissing creatures reached for her. Dee scrambles backwards and runs headfirst into a beam. Ignoring the pain, she scrambles upwards and races down the innards of the boat.

She spots a door just ahead of her, and hopes it leads back to the house she’s somehow left behind, and an exit from this boat on a roiling ocean with man-like creatures. Dee hopes the door will, at the very least, provide an escape from the one creature not too far off, hissing and scrabbling, chasing after her.

Dee’s hands are pressed to the door and she’s searching frantically for the knob when the thing behind her let’s out an ear-piercing scream. It seems like a “No”, but she can’t really make out the word. The high pitched wail continues to transcend in pitch, going even higher every time it feels like it’s reached the crescendo. Although Dee had only been searching for the knob for about three seconds, the wailing seemed to go on forever, stretching into minutes, and then hours. During that time, the creature continued to inch closer.

As the creature prepared to lunge at her, Dee’s hand finally finds the doorknob and impatiently yanks it open only to shut it almost immediately. There is no escape on the other side of the door, just more creatures. Dee’s heart sinks as she realises she’s trapped with no option for escape. Fuelled by adrenaline, she makes one last attempt at crawling away and fails. The thing has caught up to her and its slimy hands fall on her, pulling, clutching, and squeezing until she is erect and being pushed forward, into the door. More hands fall on her as she passes the doorway, and she finds herself being led towards a bed ahead. As soon as she’s dropped on the bed, hands begin to tear and tug at her clothes, and after several rips and tears their eyes are alight on exposed breasts and legs.

But these creatures are not satisfied by that which is already displayed before them. There are more rips and tears around Dee’s hip region, and she’s soon lying before them in nothing but her birthday suit. A shiver runs down her spine in anticipation of what she knows is about to happen, but she’s more afraid of these less than appealing creatures getting on top of her, than the sex itself.

Instead of immediately mounting her, the creatures huddle around a few feet away, and appear to be having a conversation. There are squeals and burps, and an occasional glance at Dee, who just stares at them, utterly struck with terror and, quite honestly, a little bit anxious. Only a little bit ashamed, Dee starts to feel excited about one of the almost human creatures having its way with her and starts to wonder which of them it will be. Her eyes quickly move from the one with tentacles in place of arms to the one without a nose, and then one that has scales instead of actual skin.

But they all part to reveal another creature standing behind them, already shirtless, and busy undoing his pants. He’s focused on unfastening his pants, and so Dee can’t see his face, but notices his body is lean and toned. His pants drop to the ground with a soft thud, and a small moan escapes from Dee’s lips at the sight of his size. His skin is tanned golden, and there is a notable absence of hair in that region. He approaches her slowly, deliberately, and hands are on her again, grabbing her arms and legs, holding her open.

Dee struggles against the creatures holding her as he moves closer, really just wanting to be able to wrap herself around him and not be held open to simply be used. He finally looks up at her, and she wrestles even more fervently against her bonds. Her lust for the man before her immediately vanishes, and she would rather any of the other creatures have its way with her instead. While he has the body of a regular man, and his face is quite handsome, his eyes are dead. Pure black and large, almost like shark eyes. Except shark eyes have a white border, and you can see them move, whereas, this man’s eyes are just dark, and there seems to be something roiling within them.


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