Stories That Touch 2

So, this is to make up for yesterday. It’s kinda long, so it’s okay if you don’t go through with it. It’s just a short story I’m working on as it comes to me. I mean, part of the reason why I’m doing this 30 Day thing is to work on my writing. Wrote the first part two days ago, so you can check that out if you want. 🙂

As they enter the house, Dee’s eyes are immediately drawn to the stairs ahead of them. The carpet is a simple and red, running down the deep brown steps with white support, and the very intricately carved riser is also dyed the same dark brown. The entryway’s wooden floor is stained dark brown as well, and it creaks a little as they walk over it.

They turn left into the sitting room, and once again Dee finds herself surveying her surroundings. The far wall is almost completely bare, save one lone painting and a very impressive cabinet/TV stand. On either side of the cabinet is a huge speaker, and the TV is stuck in sideways with a few cables dangling out of the space between the TV and the wood. There’s an elongated oval coffee table in the middle of the room. Carved into the top of the table is a very delicate flower with vines that snake along the shape of the table, just shy of the actual edge by a few inches. At several spots along the vine, there are offshoots of leaves and flowers, and there’s a mess of flowers and leaves running over one end of the table. The entire table itself is a beautiful brown, and the carved recesses are a darker shade of brown, almost reddish in colour.

In the center of the table, there are two piles of literature. One pile composes of magazines, and the other is a large pile of manuals. The TV manual is open on top the pile and slightly offset from the rest. As they get closer to the sofa, Elisa glances at the TV and then calls over her shoulder to her husband. “Anthony dear, don’t you think now would be a good time to get the TV set up properly?” Dee is unaware that her hand has been released from Elisa’s feathery touch until she notices her future employer waving her towards the sofa before moving towards. The chair at the end of the coffee table herself. She gets to the chair and turns, waiting for Dee to take a seat.

Dee carefully reaches for the arm of the sofa and lowers herself unto the plump cushion, but ends up falling back against the rear support. As it turns out, the cushions are plush as well as plump, and Dee felt like she’s sunk not less than a foot into the deceptively soft sofa. Elisa starts laughing and Dee joins in after a few seconds. The two sit there for a while, laughing, until they’re interrupted by Anthony cussing loudly. They watch briefly as he wedges himself between the TV and the cabinet and battles with wires, and then Elisa turns back to Dee and grills her on her past babysitting experiences and qualifications.

It’s not long before she’s satisfied and stares long and hard at Dee, trying to get a good look at her. As Elisa takes her time boring into Dee with her eyes, Dee does what little she can to try to hold her gaze. The depth of the blue has Dee feeling lost and they sit staring at each other for an indefinite amount of time. Finally, Eli’s eyes travel downward and Dee’s do the same, taking in her supple body like she was seeing it for the first time. Lingering on the swell of her breasts, watching with intense longing as they rise and fall with every breath. Dee forcefully shifts her gaze and lets her eyes fall on the skirt of Elisa’s dress.

What she initially intended as a saving grace turns out to be quite the opposite as Dee finds herself both wondering and longing for what lies hidden underneath the voluminous folds of the skirt. Her mind begins to race with images of ripping the dress off and laying Elisa back on the chair with her legs spread wide. She imagines inhaling the folds of skin beneath and tasting what she’s sure would be a delicious flavour. She fantasises about listening to her moan as her tongue and fingers explore the warm depth and tangy goodness her pussy has to offer, and feeling Elisa’s breathing get sharper and more urgent as her hands close around the soft orbs on her chest.

Dee’s fantasy goes as deep as having she and Elisa engaged in a deep kiss, their tongues dancing around in the other’s mouth, before Elisa breaks the kiss and stares at her with lust-clouded eyes. She travels down Dee’s body, planting kisses along the way, and Dee squirms and groans in reponse beneath her. At the junction of her legs, Dee spreads her legs wide to grant her access to every part.

A gentle shake drags Dee’s mind back to the present and she glances up to stare into Elisa’s concerned face. Red with embarrassment, she apologises for not paying attention, but can’t miss the hint of joy in Elisa’s eyes. Elisa opens her mouth to say something, but changes her mind as Anthony walks up to stand by her side. “Elisa darling, as much as you’re enjoying torturing our new babysitter, we really have to be on our way. Dee, is it?” He pauses, and so I nod. “I’m terribly sorry about the TV, but there’s a radio in the kitchen and you can help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge. Emergency numbers are on the fridge.” He helps Elisa up, and they rush towards the door.

At the door, Elisa turns and talks to Dee over her shoulder “The baby, Nora, is asleep upstairs. She’s really friendly, so it shouldn’t be a problem. If she wakes up crying, just call her ‘booba’ and she’ll cheer right up. There’s a baby monitor in the room upstairs, and the receiver’s in the kitchen.” Dee watches them leave and waves as they pull out of the driveway and speed off. Shutting the door behind her, Dee heads upstairs and seeks out the bedroom. The plush kingsize bed is made up, and there are boxes stacked neatly against the wall beside the door. There’s an expensive-looking ornate drawer tucked away in a corner, and along the wall opposite is a once-white closet door. There are small corner dressers with one drawer each on either side of the headboard. The tops have identical alarm clocks, and the receiver for the baby monitor is on the left dresser. Realising there’s no sound coming from the receiver, Dee picks it up and turns it over. No batteries.

She opens the drawer and finds an unopened pack of batteries. Taking the receiver and batteries with her, she leaves the bedroom and shuts the door behind her. She heads down the stairs, turns right, and lands in the dining room. The dining table immediately grabs her attention. It’s obviously not a new one, but it’s impressive nonetheless. The top is egg-shaped and extends maybe five feet across, with a white lace runner, held in place by a dark brown bowl of flowers, running across. It’s supported by a single, very thick post with several arms, each one clutching some sort of orb, sticking out at the base.

Around the table are six chairs, each one beautifully carved. In the seat of each chair is a velvet red cushion tied to the runners of the back. The runners are spiralling twirls of wood, and the side post are round columns carved with the same intricate rose and vines as the coffee table. The legs of the chairs are just simple posts that thin as they rise towards the seat.

On the far side of the table, Dee notices a dark wood china cabinet with the same rose and vine detailing. The vines trail up the wood in an eccentric, twisting manner, broken up by a rose along several spots. The glass shelves hold several glass globes, filled with a number of differently coloured roses. The globe that really grabs her attention is the one with a little sailing ship inside it. The ship looks like it’s floating in a rolling sea, and all the, except the one in front, sails have been drawn up and tied. Dee can’t help but notice how much it resembles an old freighter preparing for a heavy storm.


One thought on “Stories That Touch 2

  1. Is this supposed to be a piece from ur novel, or a short story?…Well, whatever it is, i love ur deliberate ploy to achieve literal excellence, ur delicate manipulation of syntax and trope and ur mastery of those subtle details that build and heighten effects. I think i can work with you if it calls for it….Its Chibz, just opened a blog, have 1 writeup there. U can check it out on and email me on

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