Coco To The Rescue! (•^_^•)

Of course, everyone here has been asked what super power they would like to possess. I’d like to let those of you that have previously given me your answers all suck :p I’m now going to briefly run through super power’s I’ve always thought about having.

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Coco Burra!!”. The power of flight. I feel like the people we know have the power of flight i.e Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, et al have deceived us. Yes, we have been lied to. Especially by superman. I mean, think about it. Flying is basically kinda like moving in the sky the way you would on the ground, but harder. You have to take into consideration the atmosphere, and wind and all that technical stuff. How fast can you really fly and still be comfortable. The wind will keep getting in your eye, and there’s that horrible feeling in your ears from the pressure. Well, flying would probably be an awesome power if you took aerial shots for a living. You’d make a killing, so I guess that would be okay.
LOL! Is ice cold breath really a super power? Is it really? What are you going to do with ice breath? Let’s see… You could make instant popsicles/ice lollies. Or get attractive babes/guys like they always imply in those mint gum/toothpaste commercials, right? Oh! I watched ‘Man On A Ledge’ today, and I think the thing they did with the safe and liquid nitrogen was pretty cool, so you could probably do that with super ice breath. Yeah?

Invisibility could be cool, but is it really a power? Sure, no one will be able to see you, but then so what? Okay. Does being invisible also mean you can walk through walls and stuff? Cuz then you can actually rob a bank. But you have to think about the bag you’re putting the money in. Can you extend your invisibility to objects around you? Invisibility would be really handy during one of the many awkward moments I’m so fund of having. 🙂

What would you do with X-ray vision? I’ve never really understood this one. If it’s x-ray vision shouldn’t that mean you can see people’s bones and not through their clothes. I kinda get seeing through walls I guess. Haven’t figured out what I’d do with x-ray vision, so I’m just gonna forge ahead. Okay? Okay.

At the top of my list are super speed and super strength. Being able to lift anything without breaking a sweat should be every female’s dream. So all those boys will stop feeling like something special. Speed would be awesome, because then I wouldn’t have to waste transport money going anywhere, or get on these Lagos buses that cause me so much grievance. I think I might miss the buses a little. Aside from being incredibly uncomfortable, my bus rides are the absolute best in terms of entertainment. But, being a safety freak, I’d probably have to have a helmet on if I’m gonna be moving that fast. In case I trip or something, you know?

Well, that’s it from me. Feel free to leave your own comments/observations/thoughts in the comments section below. Have a wonderful night (•^_^•)


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