For Your Own Protection

LOL! Sorry about yesterday’s “post”. Was exhausted. Won’t happen again 🙂

I’m sure we’ve all encountered one or two security men that are dedicated to and passionate about their jobs. If you haven’t then… I don’t even know.
Once, I decided, being the amazing friend that I am, to go over to a friend’s place for a friendly visit. Firstly, the dolo gave me the wrong address. He told me his house is opposite a restaurant. Toh. So, I got in a cab and told the driver to take me to the restaurant. On arrival, I found out the only thing opposite the restaurant was a fence. The idiot’s number wasn’t going through. So, I had to start asking around for the street address. The street wasn’t even the first one after the restaurant, oh! It was the second one. And it wasn’t even the first house on the street…. Please. People. How is that “opposite”?

Anyway, I got to the gate, already hot, sweating and frustrated. I knocked for almost five minutes before he decided I was important enough for him to stand up from the bench under the tree on the other side of the street for. After he had walked past me, gone into the compound, and locked the gate behind him, he finally asked “Who you wan see?”. I blurted out my friend’s name, and he just stared and me blankly and replied “e no dey.”. And I knew the ode was inside the house. Realising the security man probably thought I was asking about my friend’s dad (they have the same name), I gave him another name. He told me no one by that name lived there. I was beyond tired. I just wanted to turn around and leave. Just at that moment the mumu now called me and I told him to please come and open the gate. He later explained to me the security man was under a specific instruction I can’t be bothered to recall right now.

That’s one instance. There have been several others where I’ve been left waiting outside, under the sun, while the security man went to go call the person. In most of these cases, I’m sure they usually just went back into their little houses and never really went to call anyone. I’ve sat at security posts waiting for the person I went to see to come get me, and I’ve been denied entrance because I didn’t provided a proper address in the guest register.

I just want to know if these men that are so dedicated to the safety of the people that dwell within the compound they’ve been hired to protect are paid more than the ones that go missing and leave the gate unmanned and even open sometimes. I mean they have to be, right? What else could they possibly be doing all that sassaprocco for? Is it really “pride in their work”? Really? Really really?

At unilag yesterday, a man I assume is a security officer almost beat up one fellow who was ironing in the engineering theatre. I couldn’t stop laughing. He was so upset about it. Asking the boy how he expects to grow up to be a responsible person. Saying stuff like it’s because of selfish and inconsiderate people like him that the country won’t prosper. Two other guys had to go hold him back. For ironing! It was another issue when my friend went to meet him to please unlock the door because he’d forgotten his phone inside.

I’m tempted to write something about police too, but I really don’t have the mental strength right now.

Thanks for showing up. (•^_^•)


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