The Wedding Planner

Haven’t been to a wedding in ages (over a year, to be precise), and I think I kinda lost interest in the whole thing. I used to love going before. Every wednesday service in church, they would announce the people getting married that weekend and encourage to congregation to “come out and show support”. So, every saturday, I would wake up, do whatever I had to do around the house, bathe, put on a pretty dress, and sit in my sitting room patiently waiting. As soon as 12:30 reached, I’d start heading to the reception. Did this every saturday, for almost a year. The way people were just marrying, it was like people were rushing the thing.

Anyhu, a family around here where I currently reside has recently been preparing for an upcoming wedding. Cooking, buying gifts, animals, etc. Yesterday, they even fought over whether they were to cook the rice or make the soup first. It was not a small something. And then someone invited me to a wedding today, and I was super excited. Hadn’t had wedding cake or wedding rice in a REALLY long time, so I was thrilled. Didn’t matter to me whether I knew the couple or not. It didn’t matter that year I attended all those weddings either.

After attending a wedding I wasn’t invited to, and eating free food that was probably apportioned to someone else, I decided I was going to share my wedding plans with you guys tonight. I’m still unsure whether or not I will really get married, but if and when I decide to, consider this a rough draft of what you should expect.

Attendance: Let’s get this straight. I want a SMALL wedding. I’m not really into the idea of people I don’t know or particularly like being at my wedding. What do people need that large crowd for? Moral support? Validation? If you need either of those things from anyone (strangers especially) one your wedding day, of all days, then you probably shouldn’t be getting married in the first place. It’s supposed to be MY special day, innit? So, there will be 50 people at my wedding. A maximum of 80 (if my future husband is skilled at negotiation).

Date: To ensure that my wedding does not attract strays and an unnecessary crowd, it will be on a weekday. That way, only those who were invited and/or truly care will be there.

Venue: I haven’t really settled on this yet. I’ve always thought it would be awesome to get married in a garden somewhere. But it kinda seems like everyone in Nigeria must marry inside church. Am I wrong? Cuz I would love to get married in a garden. Then it now makes me wonder which garden in Nigeria is even remotely close to the splendour of the one garden in my dreams. If the garden doesn’t work out, then I guess I’d have to go with the church. A friend of mine also shared an idea I’ve decided to borrow. He said he’ll get married in Obudu just so people won’t come. I think that’s a brilliant idea. Whatever keeps my wedding attendance below hundred is at the top of my list (•^_^•)

Reception: The idea of the reception is to have fun, so invited guests will be allowed to bring along a plus one. Haven’t decided if the reception is gonna be the same day of the wedding or over the weekend though. I think the weekend will be better. Maybe. But then how sensible would it be? Oh well ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

Item 12: Refreshments 😀 My favourite part! I love buffets, so I’m definitely gonna have mine at my reception. The walls of the building lined with tables laden with an assortment of delicacies. Food is very important to me, so rest assured there won’t be a shortage at my reception. I’m not going to have people serving cuz I know how these Nigerian caterers can be. Hiding food and reducing people’s rations so they can take the extra home. It’s disgusting. I’ve fought with several of them at several weddings over this issue. Never mind that I wasn’t invited in the first place.

Cake: There will be more than one cake. I got the idea from watching food network. The couple’s friends designed like five different cakes for them. The cakes were positioned at different parts of the room, and they cut them all, and let the guest go round and cut slices for themselves. I want something like that. Also, there’ll be mini, muffin-sized versions of the cakes packed in cute little boxes for people to take home with them.

Music: I’ll most likely just get a friend to DJ. Nigerian bands annoy me, as well as Nigerian DJs. So, I’ll just hook my ipod or whatever up and let the songs play from there. I have a pretty decent music collection. I’ve decided my first dance with my husband should be to Stranger Like Me by Phil Collins. I’ve always loved that song.

Dress Code: LOL! Almost forgot to talk about this. The colour scheme for my wedding will be Black & Pink. Unless, of course, I find two new favourite colours before then. I want my wedding dress to be black, and my husband’s suit to be pink. I think we’ll look SO adorable. I haven’t decided what style of dress I want to wear, but it’s definitely gonna be simple. Of people will allow me, I’ll probably just wear jeans and t-shirt to the wedding sef. As for the guest, they can wear whatever they like. I don’t care much for all those ankara things. It sha has to be in the colour scheme.

I think that’s about it. Souvenirs and IVs and other stuff will be dependant on what’s cool at the time. I feel like I’m leaving out something, but I really can’t place a finger on it…

…Guess it’s not important.

So, that’s it. Feel free to share ideas I should probably consider, or your own little wedding plans if you’re so compelled.

Pilz out (‾⌣‾)♉


9 thoughts on “The Wedding Planner

  1. I love weddings too and I want a really small one (if I decide to get married). I’ll probably not invite my village people (Tiv people can be extremely razz) and maybe I’ll steal your wedding plans. I also love black and pink too.

  2. Go Cece, go Cece… I hope I make dat list… I wanna see firsthand a black wedding gown, n how u will get away wit ur groom wearin pink..
    I’m also in love wit d outdoor theme… And An evening setting so dat right after d exchange of vows,we get party hearty!!! No kids allowed at my wedding and I’m toyin wit burnt orange n green for colours..
    Etc etc… We need a groom FIRST….days wat u left out Cece..

  3. You had me till you said your man was gonna wear a pink suit. Different strokes though. Instead of plugging your Ipod to speakers, why not just burn a CD? Also if you are inviting 50-80 people, you know you’ll end up having 100-160 guests since you’re letting them bring a plus 1.

    • CDs can decide to misbehave. And my man will pull off a pink suit. He’s hot like that. And, the plus 1s are only coming to the reception. Not the wedding itself 😀

  4. Ponder on this. If u let your guests bring a plus one, and you have 50 guests, that’s a hundred people!! Too much! And the black and pink Idea? Awesome!

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