The Introduction

So, yesterday I put up a post. Yayness! I know. Especially considering how dry this place has been.

Please understand it was not my intention to totally abandon this blog. I actually intended to keep putting up stuff here, but it just never happened (awwww). Which is why, to make you happy (of course), I have decided to come back to blogging here. 😀 My old new blog is now temporarily on hold. To those who were actually following the story there, I apologise. I have something uber special and amazing planned for you 😀

I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, so I’m starting with the 30 Day Challenge thing. Fret not. This won’t be all drab and boring like last year’s own. It’s just going to be a series of random posts. Whatever I can think to write about, really. As it turns out, I’m having a problem writing actual stories at the moment so 😦 Also, I intend to finish the challenge this year (clap for me).

So, I guess that’s it. Feel free to chip in wherever you deem fit. I’m really just doing this as a distraction from the black hole of depression that is my life. 🙂

Yes, I realise this post should have gone up yesterday and yesterday’s today. But I need you to ask yourself one thing: “Who really cares?”


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