Just because I haven’t put anything up here for a while, and I liked this one. 🙂

The Vixenpixie

Hello Everyone, Here’s a piece by @itz_bigboiler .. It spoke to a darkness within our supposed good behaviour. I love it.

Please allow me introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste
I’ve been around for a long while
Buglarized many of mans souls and faith
The god of tears and desolation
And a ruler with no clothes and no heart

I,arouse from the level of larva and of stones
Patiently awaiting the orgasm of your downfall
I,the Eden’s imbecileYour greastest enemy
Also your best friend
For I take all your blames
And I’m the bearer of the flame

I’ve had my moments of doubts and pain
Ecstasy fills me up when I see you in pain
Delight grips my soul when you work in vain
Its a pleasure putting you to shame
Guess you know my name?
The reason behind the fame

I’m the lord of the dark…

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