Summer Wind – @osisiye

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Two sweethearts like a summer wind
In school, when she had her first period, she snuck a note to me. I’m stained. I ran to the Boys Hostel which was closer to the classes and got her a roll of toilet roll-Rose.

When she gave some teacher lip, the principal sent her out of the class and told her to go cut the lawn where we held assembly every morning. I stayed back in the class-to neatly pack her books into her locker and together we spent all day outside. We sat on old newspaper and watched the whirring of the fan in the classrooms. We ignored the busybody teachers that passed and called us nincompoops. During the night prep, she told me the experience of the afternoon made her itch and I offered to get her some dusting powder. She declined.

During our valedictory service, she introduced me to her mum who gave me a pack of jollof rice. And in the graduation party after, she had her hair in brown hair extensions that looked like the hairdresser got pissed everytime he plaited a strand halfway-Pick and Drop. She wore a brown shirt that parted to reveal her cleavage and if you peered deeper, you would see her black bra. Each time she smiled, the chandelier dimmed. I proposed to her.

She went to one of these universities, modeled on a secondary school. Don’t step out, don’t do this…don’t do them and don’t do those. I took solace in religion. Every

Sunday saw me headed to church, I was the first to get there and while others were in a rush to get out, I stayed back and gloried in her presence. Oh! The church was same as the mission establishment which founded her school, and we never missed the opportunity to see on Sundays-Akoka to Canaan land.

All summer long, we sang a song and strolled that golden sand

I was posted to Lagos. She to Ebonyi. Then she called. ‘Osisiye, I am coming to see you this weekend. I am ready’. I asked no further questions,but got a drink-Alomo.
We went to the beach, I drank some vodka, she danced some salsa. I talked to her friends, she stared into my eyes. We took a walk, down, down past the horses stamping the ground infrequently, past the beach destitutes who built their shelters with refuse bags and palm fronds, past where sand was heaped waiting for trucks that would come in the morning. Beside the sand dunes, she sat with her back on the sand dunes-a bulwark.

I lost you to a summer wind

She stared into my eyes. I kissed her deeply, she clung to my neck and grasped my buttons. When proceedings were about to begin, I encountered some difficulty-a barrier. She took no notice of it, neither did I and we together groaned to tear apart all barriers. After the proceedings, there was some blood-on her thighs. I couldn’t get some toilet roll nearby-no Rose after I hit the rose. She smiled and walked towards the waters. I protested that the salt water wouldn’t be good for her… she smiled. I stayed some distance and watched her squat to cup some sea water, she backed the water body-foreboding and throbbing. In the dark I saw it hulking-a wave. I walked toward her, opened my mouth and felt the waves on my feet drowning my ‘Come Out’. The wave went back just as it came, no squatting princess, just plain bleached sand-endless.


16 thoughts on “Summer Wind – @osisiye

  1. nice one…diff frm the usual ones
    bin trying to figure out who,but failed 🙂 .I like this part doh…”I drank some vodka, she
    danced some salsa”…has a kind of rhythm….
    Mr osisiye..pls did we have two chapels then? cos in the chapel I attended ,no osisiye was one of the earliest to kom …I remember dere were times u guys wuld hang arnd at the classes b4 coming to the chapel …doh ur right abt being one of the last to leave…the reasons are obvious 🙂

    • Thanks boss
      Hahaha…guessing? This shit is convoluted o, I was tryna write something and changed my mind and wrote something else and changed my mind just again…THIS PIECE IS NOT A SUB(I hope)
      Haha..Chapel things, all I can remember is the bread and scrambled eggs after those long sunday sermons

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