Frisky Business – @ThisBoyPerforms

Today’s pieace is by @ThisBoyPerforms. Personally, I like it because it’s an actual story and not an attempt at poetry like most people seem to be turning in. Not that I have anything against poetry at all.

Anyhu, enjoy. If you’re still interested in sending in a draft, that’s cool. It’s still Please, try to make your pieces as creative and enjoyable as possible. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, no?

Cece out!


His McLaren Benz was waiting, engine running, an attentive valet ready to usher them into the car.

She got in and leaned back against the plush leather. “This is crazy behavior,” she said, tingling with anticipation.

“Crazy,” he agreed.

“And exciting.”

“You got it.”

The car surged forward, scattering idle passers-by. He drove down the short stretch of road leading to the intersection, waited impatiently at a red light, and took off like a rocket all the way to his hotel.

“Why here?” She asked, as he helped her from the car.

“Because it’s where I live.”

“Good evening, Mr. Femi,” said the doorman.

“No apartment? No house?” She persisted.

“This is home.”

“Good evening, Mr. Femi,” said the desk clerk as they walked past.

“No family? No roots?”

“Has anyone ever told you ask too many questions?”


“Good evening, Mr. Femi,” said the elevator operator.

They rushed into his suite like impatient lovers – which any minute they were to become. And as soon as the door closed they fell on each other with indecent haste – removing clothes with a no-nonsense speed bordering on the obsessive.

“Christ! You’re beautiful!” He breathed.

She trailed her fingers down his chest. “And you’re just as beautiful.”

There was no conversation after that as he took her with a powerful urgency. It was something he had to do before he could even begin to think straight.

And it was like that for her too. They were both holding back, and their mutual release was fast and sweet – earth-shattering and very, very necessary.

Now they could relax and enjoy the sinful pleasures of discovering each other’s body. Which was exactly what they did, slowly and luxuriously.

Leading her into the bedroom he laid her on the bed, and began – with exquisite restraint – to carefully explore every inch of her smooth, taut body.

She responded by touching his skin with the tips of her fingers, feather-stroking his chest, until his further pleasure became only too obvious.

“I’m glad to see you’re a man of action,” she murmured happily.

“For you – anything!”

“Just because you want me to talk to my father for you . . . ”

Tantalizingly he started to kiss her neck, moving down at a leisurely pace, relishing the piquant taste of everything about her.

She enclosed his hardness with her hands and teased his unquenchable desire, until the slow, erotic pace of things turned once again into fervent, reckless lovemaking.

And after the second time they fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms, peaceful and voluptuously content.


16 thoughts on “Frisky Business – @ThisBoyPerforms

  1. Story feels something crazy should have happened at the end. I like the fact that erotic bit wasn’t written to sound ‘cheap’ as most are.

  2. Another Erotica, I’m not a fan doe. Nice write up. I think u shld consider writing plays as opposed to continous prose. You already have the structure. 😀

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