Catchy title innit? πŸ˜‰ Well, this piece was sent in by Akpobome Otobrise (@Coajlove).

The piece was inspired by a time in his life when things weren’t going so well for him, and he felt like he had to meet everyone’s expectations and take care of everyone.

Certain times in the lives of everyone there is a point where we shed tears,
No matter who you are

Be you a preacher,
There is always something you cry about,
It may be an ongoing project you wanna complete
Or an abandoned one,
A prayer point you want answered badly
Or someone you want saved.

Be you a banker,
There is always a target and a deadline.

Be you a lawyer,
There is always a case to win.

A teacher,
there is always a student that will give you issues to work on

A student,
an exam to pass or a project you want done.

A pilot,
a plane to fly or you want or don’t want to fly,
Sometimes you miss your family cos of lack of time and that makes your shed tears

An engineer,
a project to work on and a deadline given.

After all we are all human beings and tears were made so we can shed them.

Whether its tears of joy or pain,
Of love or hate
Money or fame.

The truth is not everyone gets to see our tears,
And after the tears we still come out and smile to everyone
Cos in all we cling to the tiniest of hope possible
That one day we all will accomplish our goals and deepest desires.

We all cry at a point in our lives either inward or outward
But must put on smiles cos as long as there is life there is hope.

Yay? Nay? I’m sure everyone can relate to this. Unless your pants are on fire 😐 I know I can sha. So, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments and whatevers in the space provided below.

Yes, I’m still accepting drafts. Seems I might be gone longer than I initially assumed 😐 However, I’ll try to put up at least one post a week, so, you can save the whole “It’s your blog and people wanna see you write speech”. πŸ™‚ I got this. *gangsta nod*

So, send in whatever you want to put up to eezykrys@yahoo.com. Tell a friend to tell a friend.



21 thoughts on “WE ALL CRY SOMETIMES

  1. Hey that’s my piece and I’m sure everyone can relate to this, please leave your comments, I want to know what u think bout it and how it affects you. Thank you

    • Thanks! I’m surprised u even read it. Lol! Remember when u said I should get a job as a writer? *winks*☺

  2. This is deep yet simple to understand. ‘Tears were made so we can shed them.’ Happens to be my favourite line! A deeply soothing piece I must say.

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