The Three

This place got a little bit too gloomy for a bit. I’ve decided to put up something nice πŸ™‚

Okay. So, I wrote this about two years ago. It’s a three-part poem. It’s not awesome. It’s just something I wrote spur-of-the-moment (do I hyphenate too much?).. I was kinda mixed up at the time. Some of you have already read it. Anyhu, I just thought I should put it up here, so enjoy. Or not. You know, whatever.

    Tall and handsome, but definitely not dark
    Sweet and kind for as long as i can remember
    Deathly sexy, and a sense of humor to boot

    Friends for a while, and then not really
    Now things seem to be different
    But a good different, interesting different really

    Pressed up against him, my heart beats faster
    His arms around me, i feel safer
    I barely hear a thing he says, my mind is SO gone

    What to do, i can’t really decide
    Actually, what i want i’m quite uncertain
    Things progress at a snail’s pace

    I want him, this i know
    But i’m starting to feel he’s unattainable
    And so, i begin my gradual fade into the background

    The first meeting, i have to confess, was quite unexpected
    To my surprise, conversation wasn’t at all difficult
    To be honest, i knew from that moment what was going on

    Though short, it was absolutely memorable
    I carried that memory with me throughout our time apart
    And talking to him would always bring joy to my heart

    Anxious, excited, elated, eager, keen, and somewhat uneasy
    I had something to look forward to in this friggin’ hell hole
    I knew i had a friend, scratch that, much more than a friend

    Time progresses, we move along, but things aren’t the same
    I try and try, and he does too, but it’s out of control
    And then, for a bit, it’s okay again. Funny how things seem to work out

    All those feelings, i should have followed my instinct, kept them hidden
    Alas, it hurts worse than a stab to the heart, but i paste on a smile anyway
    Our friendship’s WAY too important to me to let go, it’ll be okay

    I should never have seen it, should have just walked away
    Wouldn’t have been any the wiser, there’d be no reason to feel this pain
    Empty, alone, lonely, hollow, sad, hurt, without him, i feel

    But deep down inside, i know i know, just too scared to admit it
    Friends quite like no other, from the start, until the end
    Still not letting go………we’ll be okay

    OMG! I can’t believe this is happening, actually, i can, but then again, i can’t
    I’m really not making a lot of sense, i know, not even to myself
    Maybe you can begin to understand the way he makes me feel

    It’s been a while, but not that long, long enough anyway
    Don’t know much about him, haven’t had the chance
    See him almost everyday, never said a word

    I wanted him so bad, for so long, and so did someone else
    Interestingly, i really don’t see her around anymore, but that’s besides the point
    I seem to always want things far out of my reach

    Didn’t really expect it to ever happen, but hey! what can i say
    Sadly he thinks i’m totally buzzed, I’m not, but i’d rather he didn’t know
    Come to think of it, I’d rather no one know

    We haven’t really spoken since, not at all in fact, but it’s no big
    You see, I’ve come to learn to cherish memories and hold on to wishes
    So wishes i wish, and dreams i dream, who knows what’ll happen

    I lay down to rest, but can’t really do that, my mind’s not ready quite yet
    Away i sail on a cloud of what ifs, farther and farther, not sure where to
    Patiently i’ll wait, things always play out anyway.

    The one who has my heart….at least for now anyway


10 thoughts on “The Three

  1. I don’t do poems…but this one totally had me enthralled…your spur-of-the-moment poem is just awesome πŸ™‚

  2. OMG i relate so much to this poem, it’s unreal…
    anyways, chin up! if it’s meant to be, it will be
    if it doesn’t happen, u know what they say about plenty fish in the see πŸ™‚

  3. Biko I’m interested in the hunk that inspired this. Is he still in the picture? πŸ˜‰

    I know how it feels to want something you can’t have. *sigh*

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