Me & Irene

I love to watch her when she strips out of her clothes. Each movement is so sensual, I think she does it deliberately. Every time I see her fingers graze a part of her dark skin, I wish those fingers were mine. Or, better yet, my lips. I watch her unhook her bra and slide it off, revealing her perky A cups. The sight of her nipples always makes me happy. They always seem so happy to see me, pointy and erect on her breasts that beckon to me. Thinking about those nips between my teeth excites me to no end, and she knows.

My gaze fixed on her, she turns around and bends over to take off her panties, giving me a perfect view of her rounded backside. I sigh, as my longing becomes an ache. She smiles and walks over to the foot of the bed, in her naked awesomeness. She loves to make me react, to make my entire being ache for her. And ache, I do. Everyday as I watch her go about her routines, and every night as we cuddle. I return her smile “Come to bed, love.”

She gets on the bed and begins to crawl towards me, but she doesn’t take her usual spot next to me. Irene crawls up to me and eases my legs apart. My heart’s pounding, my brain still trying to figure out whether or not this is really happening. And then I feel her soft hands wrap around my throbbing hardness. The pleasure the warmth brings is indescribable. I stare into her warm brown eyes as her hand begins to slid up and down. I’m afraid to ask the question out loud because she might change her mind, but she understands. I see it in her eyes before she smiles and lowers her head to cover the tip of my shaft with her lips. Those soft lips that drive me insane.

Her head sinks lower, and she sucks just a bit harder at every level of her decent until I’m all the way into her mouth, and I feel her lips on the skin at the base of my cock. I shudder as I hit the wall at the back of her throat, and begin to slide in and out slowly. Her moans cause vibrations that excite me even more, and my fingers find their way to my nipples. Tweaking them adds to the heat still building up in me, and my thrusts become faster, and plunge deeper into her throat.

I feel her hand on my balls, gently squeezing as she tightens her lips on my throbbing hardness, and I know she’s trying to get me to cum. But I’ve waited too long, and I intend to enjoy this for as long as I could make it last. I pull out of her mouth, lean in closer, and envelop her in a passionate kiss. Her hands find my breasts and begin to massage and rub my nipples, just as my finger strokes her clit slowly. I slip two fingers into her, and feel her inhale sharply. My fingers slide in and out, and it isn’t long before she starts to writhe in pleasure and grind on them.

I take a nipple in my mouth, and nibble gently. Her soft cries echo in the back of my mind, and I can’t restrain myself much longer. Pulling her closer, I wrap her legs around my waist and push my cock into her dripping nani. It’s tight and warm, and the resulting pleasure overwhelms my senses. I keep her nipple in my mouth and grab her ass, squeezing and guiding her as she rides me.

She wraps her hand around my neck as she grinds slowly on my dick. Our moans fill the room as I thrust into her, getting coated by her warm fluids that flowed steadily. Her walls start to tremble around me, and I know she’s at the edge. My thrusts get deeper and more urgent, her hands tighten around my neck and her nails dig into my skin. I hold her against me and reduce to a slow, steady pace as she tumbles. The vibrations, heat and wetness around my cock cause my balls to tighten. A few more strokes and I pull out of her as I begin to cum, spurting between us, covering both our skins in my thick cum.

Spent, I lie back, and hold her against me, stroking her hair as she lay on my chest and played with my nipples.

I jumped as I heard the restroom door open. “Linda!?” It was Irene.
“I’m in here.” I managed to respond as I steadied my heart beat. “What is it?”
“Hian! Is your lunch break not over? Sometimes I don’t understand you.”
I took some toilet paper and started cleaning up my mess “Me sef, I don’t understand you. Are you paying my salary?” I cleaned up, threw the wads of toilet paper in the bowl and flushed. I stuffed my now flaccid cock back into my underwear, pulled up my shorts, and rolled down my skirt before stepping out of the stall and walking over to a sink to wash my hands.
Irene stood at the door, arms crossed and tapping her feet. “Are you finally done?”
I smiled at my gorgeous bestie. “Ehn. Oya, let’s go back to the office.”


25 thoughts on “Me & Irene

  1. Hian,!!!
    Zamara para buro Uba nka! Shege wawiya shashasha

    Ogini bu ifa nu wa biko kwa??
    Owu a she male ohh hian!

  2. Ok…shut shocked me at the end!! I jst kept going thru it again n finkin ‘linda…dick…linda..nipple…dick..linda..dick’ …n then it hit me!!!! Linda is RICKROSS!!!!…..nice one cece๎€Ž๎€Ž๎—๎•๎…๎’๎ˆฑ

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