Little Battles

Spinning in the rain, wanting to care
Dancing in the rain, but full of despair
Tossing smiles and hugs and LOLs
Even when drowning in a well
The beautiful clear sky above my head
Only reminds me of the storm I dread
When I get cold, I sit by a fire
And secretly, I mentally burn every desire
Watching this play out like a scene
Knowing this life can really be mean
With your words, you offer solace
Sadly it’s worsening at an accelerated pace
The memories, they stay as still images
I alone carry on against the war that rages
All there is to do is stay and fight
But honestly, I’d rather see the light


5 thoughts on “Little Battles

  1. ….and so I would and stay true
    because the light drowns the darkness and consumes
    every shred of despair I feel
    Just like comfort food and listening to Motley Crue
    I’d like to lie next to you
    and pretend that the past can’t leave me blue
    and instead breathe in, and embrace the brand new

  2. So often dear, we look in vain for the light at the end of the tunnel when all we must do is open up to the light around us. I encourage you. It is in the dark that we learn the most valuable lessons in life. Lessons that make us strong, lessons that make us. Lots of love.

    • I agree. I’ve been in the dark tunnel for a little while now, painful and real, but I’m learning so much about myself right now that I probably wouldn’t have if things were comfortable. So I’ll say I’m in a grateful position right now. I can only give thanks.

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