Pet Peeves


What are my pet peeves? Honestly, I get upset by so many things I don’t even know which are the top-ranking ones. I’m just gonna list them as they come to my head.

    • I hate it when someone leaves my room door open. If my door was shut when you walked into or out of my room, why the hell would you leave it open!? Do you just nail a wrapper to a door frame at your house? Because then i’d understand.

    • I also don’t like it when people shut my room door if I left it open. *shrug* Go figure.

    • It irritates me when I have to repeat stuff over and again. This is the main reason why I always seem upset with my sister.

    • I do not like when people touch my stuff and/or move it from it’s position. There is a reason why it’s called MY stuff.

    • I don’t like seeing piled up dishes. It irritates my core. It’s worse when it’s not my turn to do the dishes, because then I have to remind the person to do it.

    • People who chew with their mouths open. This is a disgusting habit. It needs no explanation.

    • People who can’t take jokes. You see, I’m not funny. I try really hard, but I fail miserably. So on the rare occasion that I actually tell a funny one, I expect you to laugh. So what if it was at your expense?! Boohoo! Grow a pair!!
    The same applies for pranks.

    • Girls who wear heels they can’t walk in, or short dresses they obviously aren’t comfortable in. It really isn’t by force.

    • Slow people at ATMs. Especially the ones that don’t have any money in the account. You wait behind them forever, and they walk away empty-handed. -_-

      • Hypocrisy in every size, shape and form. It’s very uncool.

    Okay. That’s 10. I’m sure that should be enough. Don’t want to start rambling on and wasting your precious time.

    Hope y’all had a swell day. Sleep well, and I’ll be back tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Lol. Ok I can totally relate with the ATM one! I almost walk up to push them aside when they start counting the money there in front of the machine. Like what?! Camman! If it isn’t complete would you be able to prove it to the bank?! Nice pet peeves Coco. 😀

  2. *Sighs* n ow did I meet u again…. 🙂 smh!!!! Thou I go with u on d Dishes one….but I neva hav any1 to call to do it… So I just always hav to do dem 😦
    n yh srap Hate 1 n 2…#JustSaying

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