Famous 5

Five famous people I’m attracted to, huhn? Well, should be easy enough.
Please note that this post is not about objectifying men. It is about objectifying a woman too. 🙂

Let’s begin…


Look at him… *sigh* Those arms.. That chest.. Ryan Reynolds is just… Can you see where his jeans are sagging a bit? I wonder where those lines lead…. *giggle*.
Lest I forget, I also love him ’cause he’s as sarcastic and hilarious off-set as he is during a shoot, with a wicked smile to booth. Major turn on…. *looks at picture again* *sigh*


Jessica Alba, as far as I’m concerned, is just a tease. Look at her. Just look at what she’s doing! *sigh* those lips… And her body is super amazing. The things I could do…. *daydreaming*


Idris Elba, IMO, is not that hot. Passable at the most. It’s his accent that gets me. When he’s talking, my mind just zones in on that voice and blocks everything else out. Hotness. I kinda like his smile too.


Look into those eyes. *swoon* I just want to swim in them. I wouldn’t even mind drowning. I love how he does all those action flicks, and still manages to be funny. Plus, he’s HOT. I’d like to spread hollandia yogurt all over him and lick it all off 😀 Paul Walker can most definitely get it. And he MUST!!!!


This is my husband. I’m crazy about him. I even stalked him for a bit. Yeah, pathetic. I know. Watevs. Sadly, my mother says I can’t marry a yoruba person. 😦 He’s uber talented and so friendly. I think that’s what I admire the most about him. Sha, God is in control. One of these days.

So, that’s my famous 5. Of course, there are some others. But these top my list everyday.

Good night one and all. See y’all tomorrow. 😀


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