So, I lay on my bed pondering on what topic to discuss today. So many options (seeing as I’m mixing up topics from three different lists), so little time. Finally, I decided to go all deep and philosophical on you behinds and discuss my views on religion. But, as we all know, deciding to do something and actually doing whatever it is are two completely different things.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I will be discussing my views on religion. I’m just not sure we have the same definitions of ‘deep’ and ‘philosophical’.

So, I went ahead and googled the definition of ‘religion’, and, from what I gathered from various dictionaries, religion is a belief in and/or an attempt at connection with a supernatural being. I tried reading up on all the different religions and ish, but I didn’t want to deceive or bore myself. So, I’m just gonna wing this.

Most people seek some sort of religion or the other, for various reasons -closure, fear, repentance- but most really have no idea what it means. Some are raised in said beliefs, and just run with it for the rest of their lives, no questions asked. Very risky, if you ask me.

I believe questions need to be asked. I don’t know a lot about other religions, so I’ll focus this on christianity a bit. I used to have a lot of doubt, about what I was being taught as a christian, so I set out on my own. I stopped going to church for a bit. Know what I realized? People are dumb-ass hypocrites!!

You say you believe in something, and then go out and do the opposite of what you claim to believe in. Ask some people the most basic questions about christianity, and they can’t give you an answer. Meanwhile, the Bible (which was compiled by men) is supposed to be an instruction manual.

The most ridiculous to me are the radicals. I really hate when someone tries to force their opinion on me. I feel a person should be free to believe in whatever they want to believe in, as long as they have adequate understanding of what that is, and what it requires. I remember an aunt of mine once told @d3ola that if she doesn’t leave islam and convert to christianity, she’ll go to hell. Said aunt is still not speaking to me.

Religious bullies are just simply annoying. And most of them have no full understanding of the religion. They basically just run with whatever they priests or whatever tell them.

I don’t even want to go into talking about those who completely forget who their worshipping and start worshipping the pastor/priest/whatever. I remember once, someone was trying to preach to me and he quoted a bible verse but he said “according to my pastor”. I was like “Dude, that’s in the Bible.”. Believe it or not, he was speechless.

*sigh* I’m getting upset. I’m going to stop now.

I’m a christian. I was born a christian. Christianity is not my religion. It is a lifestyle I have chosen. I don’t believe I have to go to church to have communion with God. I study my bible and pray. I believe in the power of prayer, but I also believe in working for the changes you want to see. My relationship with God is personal, and concerns no one else. After all, when the much anticipated rapture comes, each person will give account of his/her own life. Right?

That will be all. Good night, people *kilzes*


8 thoughts on “Religion

  1. Yes you don’t have to go to church to have communion with Him. But the bible says we should not give up meeting each other…Hebrews 10:25

    • Yes. It also says we should meet for the purpose of building ourselves up. And also to worship him in Spirit and in truth. But it’s not building if after praying you gossip about your ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ is it? And it isn’t in truth either.

      • You are absolutely right. But it does not say you shouldn’t do it because some people are behaving christlike. I think u have to decide for yourself and continue questioning and reading the bible for yourself

  2. Religion Is Simply Anything That Makes You Feel Right About What You Are Doing. Just Do Whats Right Because Thats All That Matters.

  3. Nice one love…. 😦 …. Religion..I dnt even like goin into d issue…dat one is a story for anoda day…

    Btw…I kno u mite hav been lookin for me….I am ok just need time off

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