Ways To Win My Heart



Wow! One week already! I feel so committed and what-not šŸ˜€ !!!! Am I really enjoying this? I’ll admit it’s kinda cool to me though. Just a little.

H’okay!! So, today I’m supposed to let you in on 5 ways to win my heart. šŸ˜‰ I left out the number ‘5’ in the title because I’m not really sure if I’ll stop at 5. Guess it depends. Also, I will not give any specific headings, or titles or whatever. I’m not really good at that. So, just take them like that. I’ll try to be as orderly as possible though.

Aight. Let’s get this ball rolling.

    ā€¢ I can NOT stress enough how much I love attention. Like, LOVE! It’s like a drug to me. That’s probably the only thing I’m addicted to. If a guy can shower me with all the attention I crave, then he’s in. I don’t mean the stupid kind oh! Calling me at 2am and asking if I’m awake, or calling me every 5 minutes to ‘check up on me.”, etc. What the hell are you checking?! Cheesus! That shit just creeps me out.
    I’m not a pest or anything (so I like to think). I just need to be given adequate amounts of attention when I require such. Like, if I send a text or an I’m, I’d really love him to reply as soon as he can. That’s not too much to ask is it?

    ā€¢ Intelligence is a key factor for me. A guy has to be able to hold his own in a gathering. I’m not going to say I’m uber smart, or I have uber smart friends, or anything like that. I’m just saying, you never know what conversations or debates may come up while hanging out with a group of people, and I’d love to be able to stare at my date through star-struck eyes as he beats everyone intellectually. Or at least holds his own against everyone else.
    I actually like guys who are smarter than me. Not the obnoxious kind that rub it in your face though. I like a guy that I can have an intelligent conversation with, and who makes me actually want to learn stuff just so I can keep up.

    ā€¢ I’m a christian, and I’m one of those people who believe a relationship with God is important, and personal. I find guys who have close, personal relationships with God attractive. He doesn’t have to be like a radical or anything, but he should be grounded enough for us to build up each other in our faith šŸ™‚

    ā€¢ I’m very submissive. It’s true. I can be strong and all that, but, with a guy, sometimes I just become docile. I like guys that are strong-willed and a bit overpowering. I can be very strong-headed, even when I know I’m wrong. It’s a bit of a put-off when a guy just buckles to my will. It takes the fun out of everything. šŸ˜¦
    It’s also important in sex too oh! A man must be a man! Know what you want and take it. I despise being asked stupid questions while I’m trying to enjoy myself. “Do you like it?”, “What do you want?”, “Is this good?” Like, really. WTF?!

    ā€¢ I am a girl. And, because I am a girl, there are certain characteristics embedded in my genes. I fight them as hard as I can, but they sometimes manage to break free. I can be irritatingly obnoxious. Ehn?! Even me sef, I know. I can start an argument over the most irrelevant thing imaginable, I can get upset over something I invented I my head, and just be downright silly. Patience is very important. That’s all I’ll say. Just remember I’m a girl and focus on all the pleasant times we’ve shared. Because, at the end of it all, I may not apologize verbally, but my actions speak WAY louder than words.

    ā€¢ I get very bored very fast, so it’s important to be spontaneous. I like activities a lot, so coming up with fresh, cool stuff to do is awesome. This applies to the bedroom as well. I hate plain sex. It’s so drab. I love games, and trying out new positions and stuff. Sometimes, I take the ‘play’ in ‘foreplay’ too literally.

    ā€¢ I’m a sucker for arts. Writing, poetry, painting, music, etc. *swoon* I just fall almost automatically for guys that are inclined towards that area. My weakness is writers. Sometimes, I read stuff that just makes me weak in the knees. Sadly, all the writers I know have broken my heart šŸ˜¦

I’ll stop here, so I won’t give everything away. Have to maintain an air of mystery, no?

My fingers are tired now, so peace out. Oh! And yes, Terdoo. I took it :p


17 thoughts on “Ways To Win My Heart

  1. This Cece too like to kpansh, haba! Every post, kporons musto enter de matter. I sure say, as a good christian girl, you go dey speak in tongues when oga dey ‘hit de spot’ wella. Talk true… Hian!!

  2. Smh!!! U talk abt sex sex… On bed on bed… n yet u say u r a christian gal O_O… I think u mean u r a church goer..We all mix dat up… #OkBye b4 I get into trouble 4 dis…,n yeap I’ve jotted points down šŸ™‚

  3. This chika here be stealing my DPs an shit. I worked hard for those DPs. Legendary search techniques, and you just steal them like “It’s just a DP”. No its not! It’s my hard-invested time and *insert other natural resource*. You shall hear from my lawyers and other related professionals.

    As for the post, I didn’t see stockings on the list. Does that mean that I have to throw away the 69 pairs I bought?

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