My Current Relationship

Hey all :). So, I was gonna write this post earlier this morning, when I was feeling all emotional and shit. Then, decided against it. I already did all that drama on a post I did on @d3ola’s blog. Feel free to go read it there, if you haven’t already.

So, my current relationship. I’m not exactly sure if I’m in one. You see, I’ve come to realise I’m unlucky in love. I fall for guys I KNOW I can’t have, or guys that really have no interest in me. Sometimes I fall for a guy for all the wrong reasons. And, there are times when stuff just happens, even when the relationship seems perfectly fine.

Am I in a relationship now? I don’t know. The guy I’m supposed to be dating won’t speak to me, so *shrug* watevs. I want to talk about being single, because, in reality, I really am very single.

How do I know I’m single? Well, for starters, all my recent relationships have all been in my head. Yes, I’ve been dating my mind. And it’s been awesome. But, unfortunately, they all came crashing down as well. Do you see what I go through?

What’s it like being single? Well, aside from all the amazingly awesome, no-strings-attached sex (yes, everytime), it sucks monkey balls. Well, it does now because I’m currently going through a phase were my hormones are in hyperdrive. I was kinda cool with it until now. Way I see it, who really wants all that drama?

If I’m going to be in a relationship again, then it has to be perfect, or as close to perfect as possible.

That’s all I have for today. But a post of mine went up on a new site. Maybe you could check it out? Letting Go on Abuja Paroles.

Ayyt. That about wraps it up. Enjoy the rest of your day :*

PS: I’m confused, lonely and horny šŸ˜¦ . Feel free to forget everything you’ve read here.


6 thoughts on “My Current Relationship

  1. Awwww (hugs)
    You’ll be fine. Have u read that post on bellanaija…something about a mad black woman.(I’ve forgotten the title now) I think you should

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