Childhood Memories

I was writing this post, and my phone went off before I could save -_- I am unhappy. Now, I have to start all over.

Anyhu, today I’m supposed to talk about my earliest childhood memory. While I’m sure you’d enjoy a story about me bawling like a maniac when, at age 3, someone took my pacifier out of my mouth, I’ve decided to do something else. Not entirely off topic, but just mixed with something else.

So, I had a lunch date with my stepdad today. Well my sister and I did, but she’s absent for most of the time this piece is based on so….. Like I said, I had a lunch date with my stepdad today. My stepdad I haven’t seen in 3 years. I remember the last time I saw him, because we were standing in front of our block in the estate, and he promised me a car. Since that day, it’s been aa series of promise-and-fail calls. Nothing more.

I remember when this huge, round dude showed up at our house in Lagos one afternoon. I think I was 7. Yeah, 7. I remember because I’d just had the most AMAZING birthday party ever at Water Parks. Anyway, dude was with mum. He was nice enough, you know? Like how they usually are when their trying to hook up with a single mum. Don’t know how the whole get-in-with-the-kids-get-in-with-the-mum philosophy started, but this guy was well learned in it. Gifts kept coming for my brother and I, and life, as far as I was concerned, was pretty darn awesome. My only problem was that he kept buying me barbie dolls, which I despised. He still didn’t get it when I chopped their heads off. Just bought me more 😐

Well, I won’t bore you with all that went on between then and now. All you need to know is that we are now at a place were we see each other after a couple of years, and only talk on the phone when I happen to be around when my mum, or sister, calls him.

Lunch today was crap. Mine was sha. There’s almost nothing worse than dry moi-moi. Why the hell would you stick moi-moi in a microwave?! What is wrong with people?!!!!!!! *deep breath* Sha, as I sat at the table and stared at the disgrace on my plate, I was thinking about back then. How we’d gone from being almost too close to forced conversations at a table under a tree. I guess I should be grateful he actually pulled through on a commitment this time.

Childhood memories. Some are really cool. Some really suck. And some just remind you how much you’ve had to grow up.


14 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. why would u hate barbie dolls though? 😦
    atleast u have a step dad that isn’t evil. This is the nicest step-dad story i’ve heard lol

  2. πŸ™‚ Damn!! I love ur point of view to everytin u always make “A” look ‘A’ but u let me c dat B follows afterwards…… A great writer truely… C ow u related ur CHILDHOOD memories with ur current memeory…dat was a gud 1…

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