My Academics *giggle*

ACADEMICSOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! *rolling to olodo grammar school*

Uhhhh…let’s see. Am I a dropout? I’m not exactly sure. I started uni, did two years, and decided to go on a break. It’s been a year now. I get bored with stuff really easily, so, somewhere along the line, I probably got bored with school and all that learning and stuff.

If you read yesterday’s piece, then you saw the part about me being a braniac and all when I was much younger. I won’t say I’m dumb now, ’cause I’m still pretty smart (YES, I AM :p). I’ve just gotten really comfortable with dumbing myself down. It’s a terrible habit, and I don’t even know why I started doing it. I’m working on it now sha.

I can say, in all honesty, that my academics have (has?) truly suffered. Somehow, I seem to always start of eager and willing and open and on top. And then I just drop. It kinda happened in primary school (my lowest was dragging 3rd position with someone else), then in secondary school (I’d rather not discuss it), and then in the university. However, you should know that the situation in uni was SO different. Everything was fine until I got ill. I spent most of the semester in the clinic.

SIDENOTE: I actually looked at my transcript before writing this post and realized that the stupid school did not only fail to defer the semester I requested to be deferred, they also went ahead and registered me for a semester I did not register for AT ALL!! Of course, I got Fs in all the course I was ‘registered’ for in those semesters, and now, I have 10 Fs on my transcript. 10!!!!!!! My CGPA has fallen from 3.26 to 2.03. This will NOT stand!!! So, if any AUN student is reading this and knows how I can rectify this terrible error, please let me know.

I think it’s really important to be passionate about what you’re studying. If you have no drive or love for your course, then you can’t really put in your all, can you? I really like media and design and stuff like that, but it really isn’t what I want a degree in. Which is why I’ve decided to man, finish the two years I have left with media, and then go for a Masters degree in my true passion (Law).

Well, I’m going back to school soon (hopefully). I will not be spewing all that crap about turning over a new leaf here. All I’ll say is I’m interested again, so I’ll run with that and see how it goes.

That’s all ’til next time. Short, wasn’t it? Well, what can I say? Wasn’t passionate about this topic. *shrug*


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