A Quote I Try To Live By

She walked across the school playground, head held as high as she could manage, squinting through the thick lenses of her basically useless glasses (they did nothing to improve her sight), the sun above threatening to blind her. Destination cleared in mind, she marched on. Struggling not to get distracted by the calls and chants from her playing schoolmates littered around.

She longed to join them in their games, but she knew she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t fit in. Never had. And, quite frankly, she just couldn’t be bothered enough to try. Undoubtedly, the games all looked fun and the songs were interesting, but she thought them a bit childish and a frightful waste of valuable time. So, across the field she went, straight to the admin block.

A quick scan of the hallway, and she spotted the door bearing the sign STAFF ROOM 2. She knocked gingerly on the door and waited for an invitation before opening and proceeding inside. She curtsied and greeted in her barely audibly voice “Good afternoon, sister. I came to submit my homework.”
Sister Uju raised an eyebrow “What homework?”
“The one you gave us this morning.” She replied, placing her homework note on the reverend sister’s table.
“Again? My dear, it’s called homework because you’re supposed to do it at home.”. Sister Uju stared down at the small, awkward looking child standing before her, sighed and shook her head. “It’s okay. You can go.”

She exited the staff room and began her journey back to her classroom. Break wasn’t over yet, so students were still scattered around, having as much fun as they could.. A group of them spotted her, and the chanting she’d become familiar with resumed. She sang long under her breath, smiling to herself.
Oyibo Pepper!
Chuku chuku pepper!!

So, if you still haven’t noticed or guessed it, I’m an albino. Needless to say, I’ve always been different from everyone else around me based on that. However, my shortage of melanin (still not sure how that’s spelt) isn’t the only thing that separates me from people I find myself in the midst of.

As a kid, I was aaa bit of a loner. I hardly ever talked to anyone outside my house, or played, or did stuff other kids did. All I would do was sit and read. I’d write occasionally, but only as a reward for reading for a really long time. It was what I loved to do.

Because of this, I was a bit of a braniac. I was one of those I2K children that loved to show up everyone else in the class. Doing homework early, finishing classwork, answering questions, etc. I always came top of the class. All that changed as I got older, unfortunately.

Everywhere I went, people would shout stuff like “Oyibo!”, or “unfortunate European”, or something of the sort. Plus, there was that song. I got used to it really early, so I never really paid much attention. Even now, people still comment when I walk down the road. I find it all really very amusing. Yes, there are some people who allow their ignorance push them into making stupid comments, but I’m not sure if I blame them. I mean, whose fault is it they’re ignorant?

Some people actually go out of their way to stop and give me tips on how to take care of myself. “Use aloe vera.”, “join albino foundation.”, “don’t eat salt.”, etc. I thinks that’s nice and all, but c’mon! I’ve been an albino for about two decades now. It’s not like I just woke up one that morning and have no idea what to do. Also, it’s really cool when I run into people who have albino kids and ask for my advice.

Okay. I’ll admit I enjoy it a bit too much. I’m an attention hog. I LOVEEET!!!!! 😀

This post is dragging on, so I’ll end it now.

People often ask me what it’s like to be me. How do I cope? How do I feel? What’s sex with an albino like? (Seriously.) Some people say they’ve never met an albino like me before. I’m like “You’ve never met ANYONE like me.”

I’m albino. I’m loud, and playful and obnoxious sometimes. I love to eat, and drink, and dance, and hang out with the few friends I have. I’m a person like you. Except awesomer. 😉

**Quote I try to live by – DARE TO BE DIFFERENT**


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