The Meaning Behind “As You See It”

I really don’t Understand what’s so difficult to understand in the title. “As You See It”. Simple enough to understand, no? Anyhu, for the sake of the challenge, lemme break it down.

So, one cold, dark, lonely, evening, Cece lay awake on her bed, pondering the issues of life, and the vastness of the universe, and it hit her. I should start another blog. She thought to herself. She missed blogging a lot (her last blog had folded due to some very childish antics), and ached for the excitement of having little pieces of her mind out there for the world to see. Plus, people kept nagging her to start writing again.

So she downloaded WordPress for Blackberry, even though she had NO idea what she was going to blog about. Her last blog was basically whatever was on her mind. Should this be the same? Different? She had stories and poems she’d written, but she wasn’t too confident about them. What’s life without risks? That was settled.

But what would the name of the blog be? Definitely not the same as the last one. This blog was going to be full of stories she would write, and maybe poems written straight from her heart. Not the silly, childish, empty rantings from the old blog. As You See It. It flashed through her mind, quick as lightening, and she knew she had it.

Every word, every sentence, every story put up for everyone to see would be plain as day. Straight from her treasury.
So, that’s the story behind the blog name. 🙂

Sidenote: ‘CeceNoStockings’ is a far more complicated story. Well, that’s if you find the fact that my name is Cece and I don’t like stockings complicated. Also, CeceNoStockings is the name of my very exclusive label. Exclusive because I currently only design and make clothes for myself.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, I do something better with tomorrow’s piece.


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