The tears come every night now it seems.
Sometimes, even when I’m asleep.
These aren’t the loud, clumsy tears of a hysterical creature.
These silent tears belong to the tired heart.
Tired of fighting to stay.
So sick of fighting to leave.
Clawing desperately at every string of hope has lost its appeal.
What more is there to fight for?
The butt of every joke fate has up its twisted sleeve right now.
Accustomed to loneliness,
Seeking change that appears far yet.
Heavyweight decisions for two worlds.
No solace in a tear-soaked pillow.
Always begging, always scraping, screaming internally.
Tired soul, weary heart, looking for the easy way out.
The coward’s pills, maybe.
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
Not a soul to mourn, care, or discourage.
Anticipating the welcoming darkness.
Temporary relief, but relief much needed.
Escape from the pain, escape from the burden.


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