A Thief in the Night

I can’t believe I’m going to do this.
My hand stayed frozen on the door knob, my heart pounding in my chest as I stood in the hall in nothing but my boxers. I couldn’t understand why I was nervous. I’d chosen the perfect night. NEPA had cooperated for once, and ensured the entire house was in complete darkness, hiding me. The storm outside threatened to uproot the house from it’s foundation, but the howling wind and deafening thunder masked any sounds I might make, so I was good.. Sure, a part of me was tugging at me, telling me to back away and go back to my room, but I knew opportunities this good were few and far apart and I had passed the desperate mark a very long time ago. I told myself it was her fault over and again. I wouldn’t be here if she’d just given it to me when I asked. I was already downstairs anyway. No turning back now.

My heart still pounding, I turned the knob and pushed the door open just as another crack of thunder shook the house. A gust of cold wind hit my face as I entered the room and shut the door behind me. She had the windows open, and the room was chilly. Some light from the neighbors’ houses filtered into the room, giving it some lighting. Not enough to expose me though. It was all mostly concentrated on her bed, which was by the window. I set about my mission, not wanting to waste anytime.

I knew she kept it behind the bed, between the headboard and the wall, so I made a beeline there. Get in, get out. I repeated the mantra like a broken record in my head.. I got to the bed, and squatted next to it so I could reach behind. It only took a few seconds of groping around before I felt the leather against my fingertips. Smiling to myself, I pulled it out of its hiding place. I slipped my hand into the bag and rummaged around blindly until I found the object of my desire. I pulled out her wallet and opened it. I already knew the contents – several thousand naira notes – so, I just counted and helped myself to the amount I wanted. I’m a very reasonable person. Why take more than was needed?

I had returned the bag to it’s position behind the bed, and was ready to leave when I had the sudden urge to gloat to my sleeping cousin. That would teach her to be greedy with money. I turned to stick my tongue out at her as lightening lit up the room. My eyes almost fell out of their sockets. She lay naked on the bed, save for a wrapper that was strewn lazily across her feet, face up, breasts and private region exposed. My eyes were transfixed on her body, and my legs directed themselves toward the cause of this mental focus. I stood over the bed, admiring her curves, and the fullness of her breasts. Honestly, that was all I was going to do. Until I noticed her right hand was between her thighs, just below her clean-shaved mound.

I was instantly hard. At that point, I think I lost all control of my body’s motor functions. I spread her legs apart gently and knelt between them, moving her hand so I examine the exposed flesh between her thighs. Stroking her clit with a finger and glanced up to her face, waiting for a reaction. About a minute of stroking, and no reaction was forthcoming, but the juices that began coating the flesh sent me n entirely different message. This excited me to no end. I could feel my rod throbbing between my legs, threatening to rip a hole through my shorts. I slipped a finger into her treasure pot to get a feel of it, and her hip rose to meet my finger. I thought she’d woken up, but on checking I saw her eyes were still closed. So, I slipped another finger in and began to slide in and out slowly. Her hips rose and fell to match the rhythm of my fingers.

I couldn’t take it anymore. If her subconscious was enjoying having a swell time, why shouldn’t I as well? Without stopping what I was already doing with my fingers, I slid my shaft out of its prison and brought it up to her entrance. I slid my fingers out and pushed in simultaneously. I could’ve sworn she’d woken up then, because her back rose up off the bed, so I paused for a couple of seconds. She lay completely still. It was so wet and warm and tight inside of her, I couldn’t really bear to wait anymore. I lifted her legs, wrapped them around my knees and began to thrust into her. I closed my eyes and lost my mind to the pleasure, but I could swear I heard her moaning at intervals. My hands reached up to fondle the mounds of flesh on her chest. Her hips started moving again, and I thought I felt her legs tighten around me, but I couldn’t really be bothered with such details at that point. I held back a grunt as one final, deep thrust sent me over the edge. I felt her walls twitch and tighten around my rod as I poured into her.

The next morning at breakfast, I was positively joyful. My night had been amazing. I’d accomplished my mission, and gotten an added bonus, and no one was any the wiser. It didn’t even seem like my cousin had noticed her money was missing. It was saturday, and the whole family was seated at the table, food, jokes and laughter all around. I had to drop my cousin off at the salon, and I had no reason to dread an uncomfortable ride. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up at our destination and she turned to me and said “Wale, thanks for last night. But please don’t finish all that money. I kinda need it.”. And then she got out, a smile on her face, leaving me awestruck in the car, my mouth open for all the flies in Africa to inhabit.

Hey. So, I wrote this post because I had received some very threatening IMs and DMs from certain people who shall remain nameless. Please forgive all typos. I’m really very sleepy.

Err…. Okay. That’s all. Happy friday, lovies. *kisses*


33 thoughts on “A Thief in the Night

  1. Iyenme!!….dis post did nothin to help my Early Mornin ….ehem….. But I guess dat was ur aim,you smthnTeaser…….ehen,on to d story….that cousin of his is anoda smthn Teaser,wat’s wth sleepin naked wthout Lockin ur doors?…..and I Luv how d story climaxed(no pun intended here) and d dude was dumb enof to thnk she dint know…….Incestous Erotica at its best.

  2. Babe, you have a sickness. A very rare and disturbing one. And I have reason to believe that there’s at least ‘wet’ and ‘friday’ in whatever symptom, diagnosis, prognosis or remedy that might be involved *sign of the cross*

    Gotta admit though: Classic finish! 😀

    ps Ibeta, pls stop DMing my Cece!!

  3. This is really really good.

    Ur writing style can never go wrong.

    Girls do this a lot.

    Especially when they’ve heard about his skills in bed.

    Or maybe she was just starved?

    Lol…she just needed some joor.

    *thumbs up*


  4. Erm, just so we’re clear no constitution in the world forbids you from marrying your cousin. Its just a question of morals. I mean there’s “You shall not marry your father’s daughter” but there’s no “You shall not marry your Father’s Sister’s Daughter” or “You shall not marry your Mother’s Brother’s Daughter”. I can give more examples but I’m sure you get my drift..

    What happened to details?
    What happened to Inagery?
    Ah well…my friday isn’t wet yet…
    Let’s hope Tula remedies that!

    But, I love that u’re accepting your niche..lol
    Love u coco.
    Olatoxic, sit down o!

  6. cece arrggh i cud swear am dripping ryt nw…..plus olatoxic..cece is my girl..aint no threatening!

  7. hahaha. I like this. not the best thing for a boy-who can be called by his father anytime- to read on a morning like this,but what do I know? what is that?
    sir!! I am com..er…I will be there!!!

  8. Cece is an amazing writer! She stirs up my loins…everytime I read her. Baben big ups to u.
    If I was d babe too, I wldnt have moved an inch. That kain intrusion dey sweet:) And the end of d story is just perfekt!

  9. Erm, just so we’re clear no constitution in the world forbids you from marrying your cousin. Its just a question of morals.
    I mean there’s “You shall not marry your father’s daughter” but there’s no “You shall not marry your Father’s Sister’s Daughter” or “You shall not marry your Mother’s Brother’s Daughter”.
    I can give more examples but I’m sure you get my drift..

  10. Hahahahaha… So who really got played? I can’t stop laughing… Bad girl… I can imagine one of my cousins doing shit like that…

  11. Hmmmm…I do know a few people who have had sex with their cousins. I still say it’s incest. Nice writing tho

  12. Cece!!!!!!!!! I can’t praise this enough. As your biggest fan, you never let me down. Great story. I started getting hard while reading. Thank God its Saturday. I should be able to find a ‘Cousin’ for tonight 😀

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