Her Window

They say the eyes are a window to the soul. I’ve never really understood that. Sure, you can probably get a good guess of a person’s real emotions by looking into their eyes, but not always.
***** ***** **** ***** ***** *****
My eyes travelled up her lean, but curvaceous, body straddling me. Damn! This chick is hot. I remember thinking the exact same thing when I saw her walk into the club earlier that night. She was a vision in a short, red, halter dress, and I’d observed her lustfully for all of thirty minutes to make sure she was alone before going over to make my move. Getting her to leave with me wasn’t a difficult task. She was bright, bubbly, and flirtatious, intriguing me with hot stories that made me grow hard where I sat. It almost seemed like she was putting the moves on me. Her smile was golden, and her eyes…they were alive with excitement, and something else I couldn’t quite place a finger on. Something deep. All I know, is that they drew me in. a couple of drinks, some playful lap dances, and we’d ended up at my studio apartment.

No, it didn’t strike me as strange when she produced handcuffs, a blindfold and a rope from her bag. All I was thinking was if any of the things she’d said to me at the club was true, I was in for one hell of an exciting time. She wasted no time getting undressed (why would she with that goddess body of hers?), and urged me to get naked as well. In fact, she helped me out of my clothes, sending mini electric shocks up and down my spine whenever her fingers brushed my skin. The room seemed to me to be moving of its own accord. I was completely lost in those eyes that kept staring into mine at intervals. I only realized I was handcuffed and bound to my bed when she’d secured the ropes holding my feet and asked “is that okay, boo?” her voice dripping sex.

There I was, a naked, wonderfully freaky, hot chick straddling my naked body, stroking my madingo. How did I get so lucky? She smiled at me, her eyes lit with a new kind of excitement. “Let’s play a game.” She said. “I’ll blindfold you, and touch you with a couple of objects. You have to guess what it is. You’ve three tries, and you get a prize for each correct guess.”
I was in love. Sex games? Hell yeah! “Sure baby.” I replied with a grin. “Whatever gets you hot.” And so, I was blindfolded. She began to caress my torso with several items – a feather, a pencil, a handkerchief, and some other stuff I couldn’t guess – and, for every item I got right, she’d take my madingo in her mouth and please me for a couple of minutes. Each time was more tantalizing than the last.

“This is the last one, boo.” Was it just me, or did her voice seem different? Darker maybe? She continued talking, her soft hands sliding slowly up and down my hard shaft. “The prize is even bigger, but you get one trial.” A bigger prize? I was throbbing at this point, and letting my madingo do all the thinking. All I could offer as a response was a moan. I regained my senses when I felt cold steel against my abdomen. She ran it up to my chest before asking “what is it, boo?”
There was no mistaking what it was, but I had to ask. “Babe, what is that?”
I felt her move up towards my face, and the blindfold was lifted. I looked up into eyes I couldn’t recognize, devoid of light and excitement. Now, they were just cold. Cold and empty. Suddenly, it dawned on me what I hadn’t been able to place a finger on earlier. The other thing that had been lingering behind the excitement in her eyes was death. “Wrong answer, boo.”

The gun came up to my head, and, before I could even offer up a plea, I heard it go off. The eyes, etched in my brain, were the last I ever saw.

Hey. So, hope you enjoyed the story. Please let me know what you think of the writing style. I’m trying out some new stuff, so your feedback will be very much appreciated.

Have a wonderful night 🙂


30 thoughts on “Her Window

  1. Madingo tho?? iSee u decided to adopt for the guys their own version of Vagingo.
    This piece is uber cool!

  2. Nka bu ezigbo femme fatale…..snapped…women who kill

    Cece uve been watching too many shows on Crime n investigation channel…its nt gud for ur health!

  3. Nice one!but maybe it was a bit easy to guess something mean was going to happen(blame too much reading) I like the gun effect,brought a smile to my face 🙂
    I likey!

  4. Really great story, darling. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m your biggest fan! Your talent is undeniable. Good Job.

  5. I like the writing style, I liked the story, most of it anyway… I didn’t like the end. Don’t wanna sound too analytic or nothing but the way she killed him, in my opinion, needed a motive. It just doesn’t go down well for me as pleasure killing (which is what it read as to me). A knife would have worked better, or asphyxiation…

  6. Hello! Its me..its kelvin, see? I read , I comment, I’ve repented.
    Anyway, it was a good read but this isn’t my ‘piece’ is it? I mean the one we talked about? Lol
    This was good though, a bit predictable, the way it played out, it was clear you were trying to create twists.
    I think the killing was too easy a way out for you and without motive. If she had robbed him of all his stuff while his mandingo nodded in agreement, now that would have been hilarious for me!
    All in all, I should get you Ribena 😀

  7. I’m actually fine with the descriptive elements. Everything but the end was just about perfect. Like ‘Toxic said, we cld see that end comin for miles. Nice read still sha. Can’t lie.

  8. Lovely post. Like how erotic it gets and all. But like most people have pointed out, his death was just too easy. For a woman with so much sex appeal she ought to be a lot more dangerous.
    She should have cut his body up, taken a part or two…let me not get too graphic 😉

    Thumbs up!

  9. Me I Luv femme fatale stories anytime anyday…..a little more detail and some ministerations from our Nollywood guyz *retches* and we’ll av had our very own ‘basic Instinct’*……dint see a motive for d killin doe.

  10. Thanks for all the comments. They’ve been very helpful.

    To those who said the killing was pointless/lacked motive, yeah, there really isn’t a motive to this story.

    Uhh….what else? Yeah, this was actually just a test story. Kinda like a survey. So much thanks for participating :*

    PS: contrary to rumours going arround, I am neither violent nor a sexpert. Thank you

  11. Well liked it… Thou too predictable sha.. But wud love to practice sex games like dat sha….
    Well abt d killing…. Chairmen.. Dey didn’t say d guy was jet li, jackie chan or even Jack baur so y wudn’t he die dat easy…
    Well I agree with d fact dat dere was no motive behind her killing sha… n u didn’t make it look like she loved killing 4 pleasure or so…
    Sha nice sha.. Enjoyed it 🙂 dat’s d most important tin

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