Daddy’s Girl – I

Cold air rushed into the darkened room through the window, causing me to shiver as I lay on mat. The breeze was soothing to my aching body. It teased and tempted me, pleading with me to let it lull me, carry me, to the land of dreams. I knew I couldn’t sleep yet. Not while he was still out. I had to wait for his return, or else…. The thought alone made me shudder.

I stared at my bed, reflecting on how comfortable it used to be. Hazy memories of lazy afternoons spent lying on it, reading, coloring, writing, and sleeping, danced around in my head. it was my private retreat. This whole room was. Now, all I saw when I looked around was the four walls of a prison. A torture chamber. The bed gave me no comfort. I couldn’t even sit on it anymore without breaking into tears. I’d relocated to the floor, choosing to sleep on one of my mother’s old rafia mats.. it wasn’t exactly comfortable, but at least I could sleep. Given a choice, I wouldn’t even be in the room.

I heard the compound gate open noisily. He was back. I listened to him struggle with the gate for about two minutes. He was drunk again. Of course. The sound of his feet crunching gravel and callously kicking stones and pebbles carried up to my room as he stumbled through the compound, making his way to the house. I could hear him struggling to unlock the door, even though I’d left it open, and shook my head.

After what seemed like ages, he could be heard shuffling his feet in the living room. Please, just go straight to your room. I prayed silently. That was when I heard it. A loud thud. I knew instantly that he had fallen. I knew before my name echoed through the house. “EMEMGINI!!!!!” I lay still, hoping beyond hope that he would just lay on the floor, content with screaming my name, and not come looking for me. I was not so favored.

The door to my room swung open. “Ememgini!!”. I stayed quiet. He called again, as he shuffled round my room, bumping into objects. I’d made a habit out of changing my sleeping position every night., in an effort to frustrate him into going away. He started ranting as he approached the last location of my mat. “You think you will kill me in this house? Asi!!” Soon, he hit the wall and realized I wasn’t there. “Where are you, ekwensu?!” I kept quiet. “Okay. I see your plan.” He began to shuffle back towards me, pushing and kicking everything in his path. I closed my eyes and prayed he would leave. There was silence, and I thought he had left. Until I felt a kick to my ribs. “So, this is you?!” He shouted as I cried out in pain. “Ekwensu! So, you left water in front of my door for me to fall and break my back and die, Jhn?!” More kicks to my abdomen.
“Papa, there was no wa-”
“Sharp!!” Another kick cut me off. “Devil child! Like your mother!” I lay on the floor wheezing. “Ka m gwagi ihe!! You will not get me!! Your mother failed, and you will fail too!!” With one final kick, he hissed “Anuohia.” And then left the room.

I lay on the floor, whimpering and gasping for air. Tears slowly running down my cheek. I couldn’t afford to make any sound for, or he might return to inflict more damage. The cool breeze seemed to sense my need. It returned, resuming it’s lulling and caressing. At least now, I could give in.


So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t have much to say. I’m extremely tired, and need to rest. Hope you liked it.

Please take a minute to look at the beauriful images I took the pains to put up. God bless.

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Date Week

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28 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl – I

  1. I feel her pain. Did d mother die? Why’s she living alone with that drunk? She can sleep in d kitchen next time (if there are no rats there)
    Cece, this is d first ‘un-sexual’ post I’ll read frm u 🙂 Shows there’s hope afterall 😀

  2. Cece, jus so you know. I find you and yor writing very inspiring. Your choice of words, your flow, your consistency, the general flawlessness… *sigh* Thank you for writing, Coco. Don’t ever stop…

    • You see, I just had to come and add my comments here to Toxic’s cos I have told you these exact same words. I still hope to find out one day how you became this good, so that my children can be great. Well done Coco. Of course, I suspect a hidden message beneath this post. We are watching you.

  3. I foresee a tragic end.

    I’ve always advocated that people with drug problems should be left alone or helped.

    Adding violence in to the mix…stab d fucker a few times or maybe break his legs, then we’ll see how he’ll get to d bar or beer palour.

    Its a good teaser.

    Nice one CeCe.


  4. Good one, Cece. The scene seemed to leap right out of the paper and dance before my eyes. 🙂

    Besides her calling him Papa, and the title of the post, one could assume that he is a step-father (even this way, I guess one could still assume so) to the girl. Though – of course – some fathers do this to their daughters as well.

    Sigh. It’s a pain that some men are beasts.

  5. Cece as painful and annoying as ds post is….I actually enjoyed d comic relief….”Ekwensu, anuofia” C’MON

  6. Ememgini. . .what did I do to U, right? That’s a funny name. Good story, few typos, very realistically told, it’s tragic that there are children going through this abuse all over the world. God help us

  7. Great story, once again. I don’t know why I feel the inspiration came from true events. Like the story is an exaggerated version of reality. Anyways, I loved it. I want to see how the story goes…..

  8. I know wat I’ll av done….a sharp blow to d back of d head woulda done him in nice and quick….good riddance i’ll say.If d sequel could jst be about how she finally killt d bastard,dat’ll be bliss…….makes me rememba Stephen King’s Dolores Claiborne….Good story btw.

  9. Well then Cece, we have our eyes on your story. It pleases us to read 🙂

    Excellent story telling.

  10. Nice story, Cece. Such a pity that she had to adjust to this kind of sad routine life. God help people like her.

  11. wow!! … i could almost feel him kicking me 2….#yimu .. but dat was deep…. anoda Beatiful piece by the great cece

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