Weight Loss Diary – Entry 2

Hey hey hey!!! 😀
So, @d3ola finally decided to send in her entry. All glory and honour be unto the Lord. I shall now hand over and let her give her excuse.

Hello all
I’m sorry this wasn’t posted or done earlier. I had a combination of food poisoning and malaria. I was sick for a while but now I’m all better.
This is my second entry in my weight loss diaries. My first entry was done over a month ago and I got a lot of responses and encouragement. I would like to say thank you for all the love and support. For all that say my goal is unhealthy, I made a mistake with the conversion. I don’t know how many times I wrote that in the comment section but let me say it here for those that didn’t see it; my goal weight is 50 to 55 kg. I won’t even bother converting to pounds or I might make a mistake again.
So with that out of the way, I’ll talk about my diet regime.

In school, its easier for me to work out and watch the food I eat. Usually because the food in school is crap and I’m too broke to buy normal food. When it comes to food, I follow a few set rules:

1. No soda. Means no coke, no sprite, anything that is carbonated. Too much sugar and gas. This is bad for me because I am in LOVE with coke. I used to drink it by the gallon. But now, I have been coke free for about two months.

2. Low carbs. I don’t eat rice, pasta or bread a lot anymore. If I have to eat it, its in little quantities.

3. High protein. I now eat higher quantities of chicken, turkey and fish. I’ve almost completely stopped eating beef, but I only eat it once in a while.

4. A lot of vegetables and fruits. If I’m hungry between meals, I eat an apple or a bunch of grapes. It helps a lot so I don’t start rummaging for ice cream or chips in the freezer. I eat a lot of efo and egusi alone. I’m weird like that.

5. Pepper. This is my personal rule so please do not go around and say I told you to try this and it works. I read a few articles online which said that caspium, the fiery ingredient which gives pepper its taste has been proven to help people lose weight. I like pepper so this was an added bonus. All I do is add a little extra to soups and stews. Its a tad bit uncomfortable but I’ve seen results.

5. Water. Every morning, I drink about 6 glasses of water. I know the recommended is 8 but I won’t deceive myself and try to do something which I don’t like. Water is good for flushing out the toxins in the system.

6. Three meals a day – I eat three square meals everyday. If I’m hungry I eat fruits. I’m not trying to starve myself.

7. Reward meal – Once a week, I reward myself with a meal which has anything I want. It may be fatty, oily or whatever. My reward meal last week was a meal at kfc. This week, its a plate of chips with sausages. Its encourages me to stick to my rules.

So you all know my food rules. Let me tell about my exercise regime.
I exercise once a day for about an hour and thirty minties. I went online to download some videos which helped me a lot. Everyday I do –

    1. Cardio kick boxing which gets me started.
    2. I work my abs and stomach for about 15mins.
    3. My glutes,hips and thighs are next
    4. My butt blasting and cellulite workout
    5. Then I end with some stretches and yoga

I don’t jog but I wish I did. I’m a tad bit lazy and I always make up excuses when I wake up to go jogging. In the end, I just fashied it all together.
I walk everywhere. In school a bus takes us place to place, but I walk instead. Lagos is a bit different tho.
Also, I swim once a week for an hour. It helps in my flexibility and movement. However, I don’t swim in Lagos. 😦

That’s what I have been doing for the past 1 month. So far so good I know weigh 62 kg! Yay!

Thank you all again for your love and support. Until next month!


11 thoughts on “Weight Loss Diary – Entry 2

  1. Hold-up. I was never the fat kid and now I’m not the oversized adult, so in other words, if never had to diet in my Life. So err…..I’m not in d best position to comment. But I do jog occassionally and play football to keep ‘fit’ for the lover. ^_^

  2. Ur weight loss regime sounds so workable… but 1hr30mins workout daily? Nah! Max 20mins in d mrng. What sites did u get d cardio stuff from? P.S. 55kg doesn’t sound healthy o. How about staying with 60 and fit. I can do this too o. Pls keep motivating me 🙂
    Nice one girl (y)

  3. Good stuff m’dear. Bravo. I also considered writing a sequel to Hey Fatso, but seeing as I didn’t do it on d 1 month anniversary, I’m saving it for later.
    It’s good to see u actually articulated ur regime here, makes ur goal more believable.
    May d Lord help u stay on track.

  4. This is mightily impressive, Deola. There’s no way you won’t reach your goal. I’m so happy for you. (Y)

  5. Waow. Proud of you. Its not easy sticking to a plan. Since you are not taking the forceful approach,am sure u will achieve ur goal sooner than expected. Keep it up!

  6. 62 kg already!!! Wow! @LepaTohBad!! I pray you get your goal oh. I know other ways to lose weight tho. *coughs something that sounds a lot like coitus* but if you make mistake, it could have adverse effects. *wink*

    I really think you should jog hon. It works like crazy!

  7. Nice one dee….but make sure ur weight corresponds with your height so you don’t have d weight of a child tho…..

    Wish u luck!

    Btw…cece but why ? 😦

  8. Please don’t lose the weight, you can just subtract it and find a way to store it, I know a friend who needs some weight 😐

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