Marvin’s Room

Hi!!!!!!!! :D. Been a while….. Who missed me? You? Aww. Mucho thanks. Well, I’ve been suffering from a severe case of writer’s block, which is why I’ve been unable to deliver. Hopefully, that’s cleared now.

While I’m here, lemme quickly say thanks to everyone who nominated blogs for the upcoming awards. Now, it’s time to vote, so go here and vote. Thank you so much.

So, please read, and I really hope you enjoy it. :). PS: The title of this post was indeed inspired by the song Marvin’s Room by Drake. Why? Because I listened to the song and this was what I thought about. *shrug* _______________________________________________________________

Her hair. So silky smooth, it glistened with life, even in the dim light. I loved the way it covered her face as she slept. I ran my hand through it, leaned in closer so I could smell it. I inhaled deeply. The smell of honeydew and lemon flooded my mind and drove me to the brink of insanity. I closed my eyes, savoring every second. The longer I inhaled, the more I wanted to somehow merge the amazing scent with my soul just so I could take it everywhere with me.

I brushed some hair off her face. It was a good enough distraction for some. Soft and peaceful in its state of rest, what some might describe as beauty, but not for me. I knew what I wanted. Her face, as seemingly perfect as it was, held no appeal to me. I let a free hand wander down her naked body. The body I’d taken the liberty of undressing. She wouldn’t mind. I let my fingers roam. Tracing every outline, every curve. I cupped a breast in my hand, estimated it to be about a C-cup. Not that I cared much. My hand continued on its path down her smooth skin, traveling down across her flat stomach to her womanhood. She was clean-shaven. Sad.

The body didn’t intrigue me much either. Neither the curves nor the fullness of her hips and breasts drew me in. I didn’t really care for any of that. I returned my attention to the object of my affection, arranging her hair around her face. She looked gorgeous. I began to remember why I’d picked her. I gathered fistfuls of that glorious crown and brought them to my face again. Rubbing her hair against my face….I almost lost it then. This was why she was chosen. Her hair radiated all the love she put into it, and I opened my soul to that love.

She stirred beneath me and I drew back, retreating into a corner of the room. I wanted to watch her reaction. I watched her as she tried to stretch. Her eyes lazily fluttered open. She probably thought she was dreaming, the silly thing. The expression on her face quickly changed from calm to shock as her wrists and ankles strained against restraints. I could only imagine what was going through her mind. I watched her start to struggle frantically as the reality of her situation dawned on her. And then she started calling out for help.

I moved from my corner, crossed over to her in three strides, and slapped her. I hated to have to hit that beautifully framed face, but I hated the noise more. She stared up at me with tear-filled eyes, scared, confused, and questioning. Her lips started to move, but I placed a finger against them. Of course she was confused. She probably didn’t remember much as well. Well, aside from sitting down to dinner with a lady I could tell she’d assumed was pretty decent. Ranting on about herself, asking questions about my name. And now, she was bound to a bed. Poor thing had no idea I was going to spike her drink. Carrying her from my other apartment was a bit tricky though. Neighbours had been out and about.

I couldn’t be bothered to explain to her what was going on. How she’d ended up here with me. None of that mattered.. I took her face in one hand, stared into her eyes and brushed her hair with my fingers, trying to calm her, whispering assurances that everything would be okay. As long as she did what she was told, and didn’t make any sudden or loud noises, it would all be fine. I told her. I did. I could tell she didn’t believe me though.

I could see it in her eyes as she examined the brightly lit room. Her gaze shifted from the surgical light hanging overhead to the tools laid out on a table in the corner. Tears started flowing freely from her eyes. I wiped them away with a finger, and kissed her. She pulled back and was promptly rewarded with another slap. You see, I hate when they try to be stubborn. Things would go a whole lot better if they did what was required of them willingly. I really don’t like stress.

I pulled her trembling body into an upright position so she her back was against the headboard, and straddled her. Grabbing her by her roots I forced my nipple into her mouth. Good thing she had enough common sense to know to suck on it. My patience was wearing thin. I buried my face in her hair as she sucked, pulling back for a few seconds so I could rub that wonderful mane on the skin of my breasts. The feeling, joy indescribable. I pulled her face closer, forcing her to suck harder. I pushed her back into the headboard, pinning her against it by holding her neck with one hand, and started trailing kisses down her neck and chest. I could tell from her breathing she liked it when I took a nipple between my teeth, slipped a finger into her. I could feel a small tuft of hair as I played with her. Rubbing against it turned me on immensely. I was nearing orgasm.

I pressed my breasts against her face, and reached for the pair of scissors I’d left on the bedside table when she resumed sucking. I couldn’t hold it in. I needed to orgasm. I grabbed her hair furiously and started snipping away. I was at the brink of orgasm, when the stupid girl bit me. Hard. Needless to say, I was quite enraged. I pulled back, and, with one swift swipe across her neck, ended her pathetic life.

I watched for a few seconds as the blood gushed out, then got up. I dragged my table with the tools over to the side of the bed, and began to peel off her scalp as carefully as I could. Of course, now I’d have to wash the hair before putting it with the rest. When I was done, I proceeded to peel off her flesh with the tools I had laid out. I’d really hoped I wouldn’t get to use them. I put the pieces of flesh in several garbage disposal bags, before hacking up her bones and doing the same. Cleaning the room would have to come later. I was hungry.

Seated at a corner booth in the restaurant, wearing my hoodie, my baggy jeans and a pair of worn out sneakers, I watched her. Her hair was lovely. Short and curly, and I could see how soft it was. She looked sad, lonely. This one would be easy. She came over to take my order. I smiled at her. “Hi, I’m Marvin. How are you tonight, sugar?”


47 thoughts on “Marvin’s Room

  1. Me: Ok, so I’m third… And fourth too… Me: Toks, go to bed… Me: Wait, lemme just be fifth too… Me: *brings out Marvin’s scissors* Me: Aaaaaaarh!*pause* But wait, a chic named Marvin?! Or is that a dude with boobs?! *ruminates for a moment or two* Me: I give up *exits stage left* Me: Yo, Me, wait for me *also exits*

    Disclaimer: It’s 4am, what did u expect?…

  2. Serial killer obsessed with hair. I love the way you write sha… Even though it has nothing to do with the song, I like that you made a story out of the title. (It did inspire this post didn’t it?) @olatoxic I think Marvin’s a girl who acts like a guy.
    Nice work Cece and during your hiatus, did you buy stockings?

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Actually, I listened to the song, and the poor guy sounded like he wanted to kill the babe for moving on. (To me oh!).
      And, I burnt all the stockings I was given :p

  3. Nice one cece..too much crime & investigation channel (y)

    *for those peops still looking for me “iff”, pls refer to my last tweet*

  4. My daughter. You are an evil child. A denizen I hell and your mind is full of iniquity. Does this evil story glorify God and his blessed son Jesus?repent of your evil ways. Come and see me at Ginad Hotel by 11:30pm on Friday fir special prayers. Bring the restraints. Leave the scissors

  5. *jaw drops* Wow! To say I’m thrilled is an understatement…I can’t even come up with a good enough comment!

    Oh and yeah, this character reminds me of the movie “Perfume”.

  6. JESU!what kind of scary sstory is this?so marvin wants to start selling human hair abi?hmmm na wa o!

  7. Damn!!!! 😦 @Cece… U r EvIL n I now Dis-Like u or rather I’m Scared of u more….. Chai!!! Just when I thought it was one of dem horny stories… U ended d Hard-ons 4 me just like dat… N Yeap I hate scary n kill kill stories….but *Serious Face* I must confess… Dis is a Great Writeup…(Y)

  8. So yeah, I dunno, do girls take pleasure from the destruction of beauty? I thot that was a male-oriented dysfunction. Men seems more prone to crimes of cold blood, while women are driven to crimes of passion, u know, vengeance like the Domina and the like. But that’s why the story shocks us all, I guess. Cos this is not your usual criminal. Well done Cece.

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