I Want Straight Roads

Hello 🙂 Hope y’all had a good weekend. This morning’s post is by Onyi (@nwaokpoechi). In case you’ve forgotten, she co-writes The Princess Diaries. So, without further ado, Ladies, Gentlemen, and the others…. *drum roll*

Hi. Today’s post is basically a place I was in at a point in my life. And I couldn’t write for d longest time until I decided to write down how I felt. Not even sure if it’s poetry or prose. I just…wrote. So, here it is. Hope you like it

It is deep. It is spiritual. And God knows it scares the hell out of me. This thing I feel for you.
I wish everyday that I never met you; that I never knew you.
You made me feel good; you made me feel bad. You made me believe in myself, and then you made me feel like a failure.
You made me feel all these wonderful things that I never even knew it was possible to feel, and for those things I’m grateful.
But with you it has always been a rollercoaster ride and you of all people know how it gets when you’ve been on too long.
You make me think and see things in my head; things I want to do with you and to you.
I’m repulsed at myself, by myself.
I need God to forgive me. I can’t do that with you in the picture.
I’m tired of labyrinths. I want straight roads.


18 thoughts on “I Want Straight Roads

  1. Concise precise deep!

    Well done onyi…

    @cecec…agu cho kwanu gbuom biko…gini ka anyi ga eri na otutu!

  2. Long distance relationship. I was in one for a very long time. I still regret it till date. Well, that’s just me sha… Wish you good luck.
    I like the way you write, it’s so sincere…

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