Guilty Pleasures; Freakishly So

Today’s post is by another writer whose work I enjoy, @Phatiei (view personal blog here). Personally, I was excited when she sent this in, because it’s the kinda stuff I like to know about people.


William Shakespeare once wrote, ” But O, how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man’s eyes.”

I’ve always had this belief that if everyone were given a choice, an opportunity to choose between sadness and happiness. We’d all go for the latter cos let’s face it, no one wants the misery sadness has to offer. I couldn’t have been more off-track cos by assuming so, I had completely sidelined the fact that happiness is subjective. It means many different things to many different people. So in some twisted way, sadness can be actually be a person’s form of happiness. I’m probably not making much sense……….

Some of my friends are worried about me in relation to my write-ups. Lord bless them for caring :). Some are concerned with why I write sad/deep/dark stuff, Some believe I’m sad/troubled and Some are just convinced that I’ve never heard of “happy” writing…lol… Some of them even gave me suggestions of “happy” stuff to write about;

    1. Love: For some reason my take on it keeps changing, so I wouldn’t even know what to write even if I wanted to, which I don’t by the way. Basically, I don’t relate well with it so its out of the question.

    2. Family: Someone else’s perhaps but definitely not mine. It’s too personal and besides, dysfunction is best kept within the family. Good thing we’ve got a lot of closets for them.

    3. Friendship: Ah yes…. Friendship. Now this is to be cherished but writing about it just seems so bland to me. I have a poem about it somewhere, I should put it up one of these days.

    4. Gardens/Stars/moon/ Hair: Lol….. Maybe with time… Just maybe…

Writing about those stuff would never satisfy me, I’d much rather write about darkness and madness, complexity and illusions, sickness and death, filth and nightmares…. This is one of my guilty pleasures. The first poem I ever wrote was about ”fire”; how it makes me feel and how I envy it. Yes, I admit I’m a questionable sorta happy person and I’ve got some freaky tendencies as well. But let’s have it for the freakishly freaky freaks;

  • The serial killers: killing for pleasure
  • The fetishists: feet licking, eyeballs something-ing, (not entirely sure how that works) , getting peed on O_O
  • The necrophiles: from a corpse?? seriously?? So the billions of living people can’t do it for u??
  • The Sadists & Masochists (S&M): *singing* ”……but chains and whips excite me.” need I say more??
  • Anyway, we’ve all got our own demons, tucked safely within. Some people haven’t even realised it yet, Some are in denial, Some are filled with shame and Some wear it proudly *thumbs up* (sarcasm) ……. So people, give-in to your inner freak 😉


    So, that’s it. But seriously, everyone has that thing they’re secretly (or not-so-secretly) into, and I’d like to know what yours is. I, for instance, have a thing for people’s socks. So, If you’re so inclined, please feel free to use the comment box to tell us your *ahem* pleasures.

    Also, remember you can still nominate your fave bloggers for the NBAs. If you still haven’t, please follow the link. NOMINATE.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


    19 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures; Freakishly So

    1. you have given me small courage to continue writing dark,horror stuff. but sooner or later I will have to prove myself proficient in other areas.

    2. I can rii relate to this post. I think dark rili dark thoughts dt gv me my own form of happiness.have to keep it hidden most times cos I dnt wnt to come off as some freak of some sort. Hmmmm

    3. I embrace the dark, I appreciate company with similar tendencies. But I know that one has to balance it. You can’t love the moon so much that you’re unaware of the colours of day and you can’t stay in the sun so much that you never experience the beauty of the stars.
      Each to his own,
      My own is the place where only a few call theirs. I’d smile when everyone else doesn’t and do the opposite when they do. (Metaphor)
      But that again, is not everytime.

    4. My dear Phat’…my new alternate sister… Relate in so many ways… Unbeknowest you my dear… You have written about sm’n else.. :D..

      Cece..I’m phat’ is popular..but I can share her fame too am sure..:D
      And fetish is ‘Cute feet’.. Not d licking part tho.. ;ust admiring them (mostly bcos I hav ugly feet sha)

    5. U re light and u ll be writing dark things…

      Let me not look for my socks…dat day ur own go finish

      Btw…hmmm I dnt kno wot am into…ermmm…I guess hair…oh…*not pubic oh ewwww or chest* dats just nasty

      Oh yea…wrist watches….am a collector…I collect from anyone and anywhere ….

      • Catch dis thief!!! Watch collector? That’s the new word abi? Let them catch you in Oshodi market…

    6. *dancing and singing to ‘Freak by Estelle’*
      I love this. Reminds me of myself in a way because I love goth culture. Pple think I have issues cos I like dark make up and loud rock music.
      Oh and as for my thing, tattoos. I’m in love with them. I’m planning on getting like 5.

    7. I read this just once and fell head over heels. Yes, now i’m following Phat.

      The first post on my blog was written when I was down in the dumps..yes i was sinking low into the depths of depression and sheer sadness, for no good reason.
      It’s a lot easier for me to write whenever i’m sad……misery loves company people say….misery loves me..I’ll say..and in a weird sort of way I feel all kinds of sweetness inside swimming in all that sorrow that ink flows to all those places and I just let go.

      I’m not crazy o….

      I really like this post…an awful lot.

    8. lmao!!! @musingsofagidimallam…… i bet u’re worse than we are :D. i’m glad u all like it, n thanks for following me on twitter.

    9. As for me…*adjusts cuffs* I like girls who are a little fair, with short hair, and no underwear. Any volunteers?

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