Who’s Got The Poison? (Finale)

So, this is it. The last part of the story. *insert thank you speech*. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the story as much as I loved writing it.
New, slightly more experimental project next week. Remember: The end of something is the start of something else. Unless, of course, you don’t care. 😦


The sound of water droplets steadily falling from the tap and hitting the sink at timed intervals echoed in her mind as she sat slouched against the kitchen island. The darkness surrounded her, intensifying her senses. She could hear the cars driving past on the street outside, busy people returning home to their families; smell the roast she’d slaved over for dinner, each individual seasoning coming alive in her mind; and she could feel a chill in the air, in spite of the fact that every window was shut. She sat there, immobile, taking it all in. Allowing each new blind perception excite every crevice of her brain.

She sat there, in the dark, with her eyes closed and opened her mind. Memories that had been repressed and locked away in the darkness came flooding back. And with those memories, came the accompanying emotions. The pain. The fear. The betrayal. The hunger…… Breathe. She reminded herself. You have to breathe. She inhaled, and let the memories take over.

She was seated on a rock by the road, surrounded by trees and weeds that hid her from anyone’s sight. She’d been standing earlier on, but the backpack she carried, the backpack that contained all she would need, had begun to weigh her down. He went by this route every night. She knew. She had to see him. In order to see him, she had to wait. Wait she would.

The insects in the dark talked to her while she waited. They seemed to be asking, begging her to leave. To just get up and go. She tried to block out the sounds, but the chirping rose to deafening proportions. She couldn’t leave. Wouldn’t. Not until she got what she came for. She heard footsteps coming up the road. She knew it was him, he’d always gone jogging at this time. She waited for him to get closer. He would have his earphones plugged in, so he wouldn’t hear her. He got closer, and she stepped out of the shadows. He had all of five seconds to see her and react. Not enough. She hit him over the head with a plank and knocked him out.

After dragging his unconscious body deep into the surrounding wood area, she bound his now bruised body to a tree with a rope from her bag, gagged him and sat on the floor in front of him, playing with the last tool from her bag. She would wait for him to wake. He stirred and opened his eyes. As she walked up to him and looked into those eyes, the eyes of a man she’d once loved wholeheartedly, rage took over. Her mind clouded over, her vision became blurred, and, for a few seconds that seemed like an eternity, she lost control of her body. When her mind cleared, she stood panting in front of Ifeanyi’s lifeless body. Slumped against the tree, blood and stab wounds all over.

The wind outside rattled the windows violently, dragging her back to the present. She heard the crashes of thunder, the kitchen was briefly illuminated as a bolt of lightening flashed across the sky. Temi, who had always been frightened by the sound of thunder, wasn’t fazed. She still sat there, not moving. Absorbing. All the impending rain did was distract her momentarily, before forcing her mind to go on another trip. Taking her back to that night….

The rain drops pelted her as she sat by the wall behind the club, next to the trash cans, playing with her toy. She didn’t care that she was getting soaked. Didn’t care that she could get very ill from such exposure. She shuddered when she heard the rumbling of the thunder, but she stayed. For some reason, this was the sanctuary she desperately needed right now. She had to fight the urge. Couldn’t give in.

The back door of the club opened and a raincoat-clad figure stepped out, dragging two huge dustbin bags along with it. A crack of lightening lit up the sky, and she saw a face. A face she recognised. Deborah. The waitress that was constantly flirting with Kemi. She stared at her. Deborah’s lips were moving, but she couldn’t hear anything that was being said. Images of Deborah and Kemi together, happy, briefly flashed through her mind, and then blackness.

When she came to, she dragged the mangled body closer to the trash cans and ran.

She continued to sit there a while longer, more memories flooding her mind. Thunder again. She opened her eyes and stared into the darkness. She could here the soft dripping sounds on either side of her. She sighed. Almost time.

She rose slowly from the floor and walked to the sink. Her toy lay there, still drenched in the warm liquid. It had a way of calling to her. She picked it up and walked slowly back to the kitchen island. The dinner she’d prepared for them was still on the table. It was cold now. Their plates were almost half empty, but hers remained untouched. She walked round to the other side of the island, slowly trailing her toy along the surface.

Lightening lit up the room once more, and she saw the lifeless bodies that sat slumped on the chairs, fresh blood still dripping. She stood between them, thinking about that night. The night she’d watched the two people she loved betray her. The images were all too clear, the sounds unbearable piercing. She’d watched, from a crack in the door, as her boyfriend took what he so desperately needed from her bestfriend, and as her bestfriend, for whom she’d to anything to please, had offered and given so willingly.

She’d bided her time. Pretended it was all okay. That she didn’t know. They’d done it again several more times. The bastards. She’d let them go on. Her time was near. Let them keep insulting her intelligence by carrying on like they disliked each other in her presence. And so, she’d prepared this dinner. This wonderful meal, unknown to them, had the liver and ovaries of the Fugu incorporated into it.

They’d eaten, and she’d sat and watched. “Are you okay?” Kemi had asked. “You’re not eating.” She’d merely laughed in her soul and nodded. And then the poison started to act. Tony and Kemi sat paralysed on their chairs. This what she wanted; for them to be fully conscious, but unable to stop her. She started with Kemi. She’d made him watch as she cut her face, destroying that beauty the men loved so much, and then ended her with several stabs to the heart. For the one she loved, she was more merciful. She didn’t want him to suffer as much. She loved him. And she told him so as she held his head back and slashed his neck.

Now, she felt empty. Alone. She needed them. She loved them. She hoisted herself unto the island and laid on it. She’d be with them again. I’m coming.. She raised the knife above her body. Thunder. More lightening. She drove the knife into her stomach. She’d lay there and wait. It wouldn’t be long. She needed to tell them how sorry she was. They could work it out. They’d find a way. It wasn’t too late. I’m coming.


36 thoughts on “Who’s Got The Poison? (Finale)

  1. *sigh* Who would have ever thought… I’m happy for Temi though, it’s the perfect ‘menage a trois’ and she got to ‘come’ last too!

    *standing ovation for Cece*

    ps I actually thought Tony killed Deborah, glad I was wrong…

  2. Wow !! ( would have been the first to comment if i didn’t read over and over). You know that feeling you have when u watch the finale on an amazing tv series…i have it right now. πŸ™‚

  3. Na wa oh! I am haemophobic and the vividity of this blog…*sigh*. You brought the characters to life and now they’re in my head! I want to read my books!!! I have an exam! This is all your fault! *sobbing*

  4. Rivetting! This is so good Cece. A finale I thought I wouldn’t like cos I didn’t really want it to end but have ended up loving after reading. Wonder why I’m not surprised. When are you starting another series? Or is there a Season 2 in store? We are waiting.

  5. Um…Cece…should we be afraid…cos d mind dat dis came from is…um…disturbed…erm…ok…yeah…let’s move on shall we.
    Seriously tho…this is d best post of d series…damn…it drew me in totally mehn…Temi’s a sociopath…there’s no other way to say it…but how u crafted dis…d vivid imagery…beautiful dear…just beautiful.

  6. Coco, I may just fall in love with you for this finale.
    This is awesome! I just felt like I finished watching the finale of my fav show!
    Amazing work as always!

  7. Wow. Never wld’ve expected this. Nice work, Coco. But chill o, where does the name of the story come from?

  8. I didn’t follow the series, but this is more than enough reason to go back and read. Thumbs up girl!

  9. Hello Cece, I am not a fan of fictional blogging but I dear say you are showing the signs of a writer of fiction who will get good reviews. Keep doing what you are doing.
    Thumps up!

  10. Cece! I honestly don’t know what to say… I’ve been enjoying the series so much. I almost don’t want it to end. But since it had to, you did justice to it my darling. The Finale is just beautiful. You painted such colours in my head.

    Thank you for the series, Love. I am honestly in Love with your mind at this point πŸ™‚ :*

  11. I know this is late but I have to comment!

    A really mad whodunit!!

    The characters, the story, how they intertwine. . . Dayum!

    You should consider writing a script for a soap!

    Good job!!!

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