What Nobody Knows

Hello :). So, this isn’t what was supposed to go up today. I know. Unfortunately, the people upstairs are experiencing technical difficulties and will not be able to deliver this week.

This is just a little something to compensate. It’s the latest of my healing exercises (don’t ask), and I thought to share.

Feel free to use the comment boxes to leave your thoughts. Once again, my sincerest apologies.

Dead. Cold. Lifeless
Empty. Without feeling.
Tired of struggling.
Willing to give in.

Alone. Unwanted. Unloved.
Different. Without a friend
No one to care or defend
Desperately seeking the end

Sick. Tired. Unsure.
Weak. Can’t take much more
Behind a locked door.
Almost time to let it all pour

Dark. Silent. Peace.
Fading. Finally letting it go.
Soon, someone would show.
Too bad they didn’t know.

Time. Contentment. Release.
Gone. A slowly accomplished mission
No more unwanted tension
They should have paid attention.

21 thoughts on “What Nobody Knows

  1. Sad. this is a lotta people’s stories. but why would u feel alone and unloved and all those other things? guess we sometimes never know…

  2. did u really write this? wow! it’s really deep and nice, like i’m not even trying to flatter u! i’ve felt exactly this way before, i didnt commit suicide like the person in the poem did though lol. I love the way u ended it šŸ™‚

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