Say “Hello” To Goodbye

This is a story that’s been playing around in my head for weeks. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure how to get it out. And then, this came to me *whooosh*. Please leave your thoughts in the comment box. Thanks much


Even when he’d hugged me, I knew.
It wouldn’t be the same again. It couldn’t.

It didn’t matter how much I wanted it.
How long I’d craved it.
My patience, my care, my emotions.
Every bit of hope. Every beautiful fantasy.
Shattered. The fragments ground into dust.
Lost. Like ashes scattered over a cliff.

I stared at my phone, that accursed device.
The message within – “there’s someone else”
It hit me again. The pain and the hurt. The anger.
I wished I could hurt it back. Make it suffer.
Damn!! The tears I have to hide.
Like the feelings I’d locked away and hidden from sight.

His back turned to me, I watched him intently. Bent over his work.
Oblivious to my emotional rollercoaster
I shouldn’t be here. I knew. He knew.
But I was. I’d come because he’d asked me to.
Because I still lusted.
Yes. I did, even though I knew I shouldn’t.

What I desperately wanted to hear, he hadn’t said.
No empty promises, no false hope.
Leave or stay.
A decision. He’d left it to me to make.
I’d be his for as long as he wanted. But he wouldn’t be mine.
I’d get the scraps. But I’d be happy.
Wouldn’t I?

Me. Him. Her.
I couldn’t. I wanted to. I almost did. But I couldn’t.
He didn’t look up as I got dressed. I didn’t see him turn as I shut the door gently.
My echoing footsteps in the empty hallway taunt me.
I ignore them. I have to. I must.
I’d never completely leave him.
Couldn’t forget it all
PING!!! His “Goodbye” said it all.

33 thoughts on “Say “Hello” To Goodbye

  1. But this guy no get joy oh…hafana? So the babe na for steady nacks and something less… And the babe will still come back…the female heart. 😦

    That aside: Cece, you no dey joke about this blog sha…some full time job committment sturvs. I envy you. My blog envys yours. I hope you win something! I voted for you!

  2. pretty cool. I pity u women a lot. when it comes to relationship matters,no matter how smart u think u are, you got nothing on the men.nothing.
    sad,but true.

  3. Okafor’s law in action. No? Always knew you had a poetic side to you. Nicely written. Your last paragraph, I think if she really wanted to she could have left but she didn’t. Love or lust?

  4. Awww. Why wouldn’t he pick her over the other woman. Or is she the other woman? This is so well written. I felt the woman’s sadness along with her as I read.

  5. This happens, almost always. Its like bargaining, maybe if u stayed around some more, he’l love u back and choose u. But it hardly works… *sigh*

  6. Me,
    I’m lost!
    He’s working, she dresses up, she get’s a ping, goodbye!

    Is she in his house and he’s pinging her in the same room?

    I’m lost!

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