Shower Hour

Hello. 🙂 Honestly, I don’t even know how to introduce today’s post. But, it was written by @terdoh sha. You can visit his personal blog here if you so desire. I won’t bore you with details of how I begged him before he finally wrote it. It’s finally here, so please read and enjoy 🙂

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And now, without further delay, your feature presentation……*dramatic music*

Ssup y’all. Yes, yes I know, I was supposed to be on the Princess
Diaries series…sorry, the Diary of Snow White series, but a
project-defense-exam combo is defined as a female dog’s female dog.
Sad. I’m really sorry for that. Apology accepted? Yes? No? No? Why na?
Abeg na? Anyway, even though I’m in the middle of exams right now, I
feel more than obligated to post something on this awesome blog…I
mean, if my name can be etched somewhere as an author on this page,
it’s an honor. But my head was crammed with formulas and definitions,
and blog ideas were just chilling at the bottom of my brain’s
foundation. I wanted to post something, but I didn’t know whether I
wanted to be deep (almost impossible, I’m as shallow as a bathtub, and
I’m only 14 years old), or to be funny (also impossible, my funny bone
broke while I was trying to break dance to impress one Dammy girl like
that) or to be a cynical critic (which wouldn’t have been too hard,
Wizkid’s “album” is out and full of gbagauns, and Vic O is still
breathing), or to just speak my mind and say an opinion…I was really
blank! But as fate would have it, I was masturba…*ahem* I was taking a
shower one morning when I remembered an incident that happened between
me and one of my many (five and a half) exes. So I thought; “good
fuckity fuck, I should blog about that!” Should I? Should I?? Yes?
Okay. 🙂
First of all, there will be no questions asked after I am done.
Second, for the purpose of the post, let’s call her Ada? Yeah…Ada is a
good name. Okay, so Ada and I dated for over 5 years. Yup…striker like
me stayed married for 5 years. Yes, we had some rough times. Even
though her best friend gave me my first (couple) kiss(es), and my best
friend saw her uhm…naked a couple quadruple times and used to brag
about it to me, we stuck together sha. But they say all good things
come to an end…(which is prolly why the relationship took so long to
plumet). But the post isn’t about my relationship with Ada. It’s about
an incident that happened AFTER we broke up. I remember something
Chris Rock said about men’s lies vs women’s lies. Men lie more often,
but women lie about serious shit! A man lie is: “I was at Tony’s
house”. A woman lie is “Yes, the baby is yours”.
I could only agree less.
On the day Ada broke up with me (for reason’s best known to God, her
and wikileaks), she kissed me, and when I escorted her out, she turned
back at the gate and said “Do you have a twin that’s less of an
asshole?” and then left without allowing me to say one of my witty
comebacks. After that, when she got home, she sent me an IM that said
“we can still be friends though”. That bit pissed me off…that’s like
having a peeing zone in a swimming pool…or a smoking zone in an
elevator. It can’t work! But she stuck like flies on packaged shit.
And I was used to having her around even though she broke my heart
like a world record.
About a year after we broke up, I’m in school when she sends a message
to me and the convo was something like this;
Ada: Baby, you’ve abandoned me like a sinking ship. It’s not fair oh!
I thought you loved me.
Me: I did…I think.
Ada: You still do jor! I have something to tell you.
Me: What is it?
Ada: I don’t feel too good. My tummy hurts and…
Me: And…?
Ada: Terdoh, I think I’m pregnant.
Me: Congratulations! When are you due?
Ada: Terdoh! I’m not joking! And you know the baby is yours!
*In the back of my head, Chris Rock goes “I told ya niokar! I told ya!”*
I thought back to the last time we had sex…uhm! Wait! We never had sex!
Me: Ehm…but we broke up OVER a year ago. Besides, you always stopped
me whenever I wanted to kpansh. Kpoxing never was “your thing”. Are
you having PMS again? Which time all dis one start?
Ada: I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. And I’m not about
to have a baby! I’m only in 300 level. I’m not about to ruin my future
for you. I’m getting rid of it. The doctor said it would cost 80
Me: You’re broke again aren’t you? Or you want to buy iPad 2?
Ada: Your wise cracks aren’t getting you off the hook. Are you helping
me get rid of it?
Me: Uhm, lemme think about it for one minute.
One minute later, I sent;
“No. I am not helping you get (rid of) it. Whatever it is…next time
you’re broke, call a janitor or a repair man. Oh, and I love you.
*sinister smile*” (That emoticon cannot be displayed here, wordpress
wouldn’t understand)
That was the last I heard of Ada.
So while I was *cough* showering, I started thinking; what if she had
allowed me peep into the “bird’s eye” when we were dating? What if she
gave me that Becky? Would I have paid that 80 grand for those punani
penetration tutorials?
The answer is no.
Thou shall not carry last! (13th commandment after Thou shall not
listen to Jim Iyke-12th and Thou shall not watch Beyonce’s “Girls”
I’m just grateful that things worked out the way they did. Who wants
to be a father at 14?

Author’s note: Moral of the story; Shower more. It prevents babies,
and gives you blog ideas. 😀

34 thoughts on “Shower Hour

  1. Ha! I know you said no questions but bro, how did you do it for five years without kpanshing? Abi you were getting it elsewhere yeah? Plus bro, if you are 14 i am 7…
    Nice one! (y)

    • No questions!! NO QUESTIONS!!! (Which kain 5 years? Hehe. And I’m 14 oh! I have the certificate from Obalende to prove it!)

  2. oldest trick in d book…its funny how dey always get pregnant after u break up withe em. Half the time they’re just tryna get u back, the other half they’re broke….*sigh*

    Great piece. Funny as hell…..

  3. Thanks, you guys! If I wasn’t a trasvestite, I would be blushing in Norse code right now.
    @Cece: Are we friends now?

  4. Wait oh. Excuse me please. I don’t get. You never did the do. And she called to say she was pregnant with your baby?

    Hmmm. Its either:

    1) The chick’s incredibly dumb (after stabbing the life out of Biology in Jss1- or was it Jss3? I forget)

    2) She thought you were incredibly stupid or whipped (where you?)


    3) She had ‘washed her mouth’.

  5. uhm…I’m guessing number 2. but speaking retrospectively, number 3 isn’t far fetched either… (who am I kidding?? It’s definitely number 1!)

  6. @terdoh, YOU ARE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! but in the worst possible way. LMFAO! I felt the piece man. I had an ‘Ada’ once in my life but my ‘ada’ experience ended with us having re-break-up sex and (obviously) i didnt pay shit. lol.

    But seriously tho, I wish i had your wit or half your madness. You keep getting better with every story i read. Just keep bloging. The world needs a touch of madness to be sane

    #OnASideNote, are you really 14?? 😮

    • ok just shattap already! :p and you both are gay! and izznot fair, Terdoh has refused to be ma gay bff *sad*

  7. lool u dnt sound like a 14yr old for sure!, and lool so chicks still do the whole trying to pin pregnancy on random dudes thing?smh
    side note: hpw come every tom, dick and harrietta with a nigerian passport has dated a girl named Ada

  8. Ok! This is crazy… I’m just a random blog-whore that loves to read and laugh…and dayuuum…I’m rolling on the ground ryt now (in my head anyways)
    Cece,I’m def gona b ur blog-faithful now… And terdoh too… 😀

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