Who’s Got The Poison? (Part 6)

Tony lay there, on the floor of the living room, a pandemonium of emotions and thoughts coursing through his mind and soul. Each occurring feeling rivalled by it’s direct opposite in a battle for dominance. He needed to clear his head of all the clashing thoughts, but how could he? He knew doing so wouldn’t be possible. At least not now. Not while it was all still so fresh.

And, just like that, the images cam rushing back – his body and hers, tangled in intense sex. He closed his eyes and let it all sink in again. The way her moans echoed his pleasure, the bites and scratches that egged him on, the grinding of their bodies, that gloriously moist warmth, the pure ecstasy of it all. Breathe, Tony. Calm down.But he couldn’t. Because, all he had allowed to take over his mind was building up to a climax. In that one moment, he’d both exploded with pleasure, and had reality crash down on him.

And then, the guilt began to well up inside him. Burning at the depth of his being. Gnawing at his conscience. He shouldn’t have. But she came on to me. Didn’t she? Memories came back in fractions. How she’d walked into the sitting room wearing nothing but her underwear. She’d laughed at his discomfort, and plopped down next to him. Teased him with her hands, running her fingers up his arm, prattling on about something he couldn’t quite remember. Her hand had come to rest on his lap, dangerously close to his groin, several times, sending shock waves through his body. He could barely remember what had led up to that kiss. He could only watch the replay in his mind’s eye. The kiss that had led up to all this. More blanks in his memory. The scenes replayed just like snapshots. She on top of him. Undressing him. Pleasing him with her hands and mouth, clearing every shadow of hesitation lurking around. He’d wanted her. Desperately. More flashes. Thrusting into her warmth, her muted moans of acceptance driving him over the edge sooner than he’d hoped.

In retrospect, he should have let it end there. Should have gathered himself and walked away. Walked away? He should have taken to his heels. But the hunger had festered in his soul, and, now that he’d had a taste, he had to have more. He’d feasted on her. Made up for every lack he had endured in the past months. He was as ravenous as a mythical creature released once every century or so to feed. And, just as in the case of such a creature, one measly offering of sacrifice wouldn’t be enough to please him. His primal male instincts had kicked in and blocked all reasoning. He would have her. He would have all of her. And, with this resolve, he had broken down every resistance she’d tried to put up. She was his.

More guilt. How could something that had been so amazingly awesome make him feel like a first class bastard? If he were to be completely honest, what he’d done had shot him way above the station of ‘bastard’. He was much worse. He felt undeserving. Unworthy. He cursed the insomnia that had kept him up so late and placed him at the scene, setting him up for this act of wanton cruelty and selfishness. What logical explanation did he have to offer should the time come? He’d acted without thinking, let his inner basic animal take over. Wrong move. He was a man, dammit!! He should have more restraint. He cursed inwardly. There was a pit in his bowels, and it was expand with each passing second. Mostly because he realised he only regretted how it had happened, but didn’t feel the least bit unhappy that it had. In fact… he thought to himself.

Tony tapped the body that had snuggled into his. “Babe, are you okay.”
Her response was sleepy “Yeah.”
“Roll over.”
“I need you to roll over. Lie on your back.” She did as she was told, and he proceeded to slip a finger into her. A moan escaped her throat. “You like that?” She nodded. “Good. I’m going to take care of you. You have to be really quiet though. Don’t want her” he jerked his head towards the bedroom door “to wake up. Okay?” She nodded again. “Good.” And then he took one of her nipples in his mouth.
As she revelled in all the pleasure she was getting, she knew they’d both begun something that would be difficult to back away from. She sighed. And to think I didn’t really like him to begin with. As her body received hit-after-hit of immeasurable pleasure and satisfaction, Kemi stole a glance towards Temi’s room door. This won’t go over well if she ever finds out..

Behind a door in a dark room, Temi sat and cried silent tears.


24 thoughts on “Who’s Got The Poison? (Part 6)

  1. I dont know how i missed this all day but all i can say is wowaweewah!!! Rivetting and it all felt so real…And then to know that Temi knew all along! Icing on the cake…

  2. lol at first i was scared she was his sister or sumn πŸ˜› ..eeyah, poor temi! 😦 ..vewi nice story, you’re an awesome writer!

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