Weight Loss Diary – Entry 1

Dee now :|

Dee now 😐

Hello again 🙂 How y’all doing? Today, I’d like you to meet my darling, Dee (I’m the only one allowed to call her that. Her name is Deola. Respect yourselves). Anyhu, she’s joined the ranks of those who now want to lose weight. I, think she’s pretty decent, but her mind’s made up.

So, because I love her so much (and wasn’t threatened at all), we decided to give her a space here to write on her progress monthly. She’s a lovely writer, and one of my top supporters. I hope you guys enjoy her pieces.
I am fat.
There. That’s it.
Well, there is more to me than my huge thunder thighs and my “Mother
Theresa” arms. I’m pretty and smart and all those things. But nobody
looks at that anymore. It’s either you’re a size zero or you’re not
worth it.
I am worth it.
But I haven’t been feeling like that these past few months. Now, I
can’t find clothes to wear because all the clothes I have don’t fit me
anymore. They are too tight or they make my stomach look big. I
haven’t been wearing jeans for the past 3 months all because the ones
I have don’t fit me anymore. I have been reduced to wearing torn
jeggings and stretched out leggings just to feel good. But in the end,
I still feel like crap.
I used to have a weight loss problem before in high school. I had
anorexia. When I came from Saudi Arabia to Nigeria, I was very very
fat. My new classmates made so much fun of me that I refused to eat
for about a week. I had to be taken to the hospital when I fainted one
day. That wasn’t even the main one. I remember when I senior called me
‘a fat piece of shit’ in front of all my classmates, boys and girls
included. Fast forward a year later, and I was suffering from a peptic
ulcer and malnutrition. It was so bad, I was pulled out of school for a month.
When I got to university, I changed my eating habits. I slowly gained weight
and I looked healthier. I gained enough weight so as to remain healthy,
but not too much to become fat again. I ended up with a body that was
a size 2 up and a size 6 down. I’m not bragging but I had a slamming
body. My ex-boyfriend used to call me “curves”. Boys (and some girls) used to stare at
me when I walked into a room. My roomies hated me because everything
used to fit me so well. I would take clothes from them and wear and in
the end they had to give me because it looked better on me. On a scale
of one to ten, I was a smoking hot 20.
Now, I’m a size 12 all round. No fat ass and slim waist. I used to be
a figure 8 but now I’m 1. The weight came slowly and I didn’t notice
it until my boyfriend said “Your ass is getting bigger.” Honestly, I
didn’t mind that but when I saw that my favorite pair of jeans
couldn’t fit me, I knew I had a problem.
I gained all this weight by actually sitting down and not moving. I
never walked around anymore, I just took the bus. I never swam
anymore; I just got into the pool and splashed water around. Oh, and
lemme not forget all those afternoons of sitting down and eating food
and doing absolutely nothing.
I am not losing weight because I want to fit in. I’m losing weight
because I was to feel and look good. I am not happy with the way I
have gained weight and I wasn’t to change that. So starting this week,
I will diet and exercise every day until I lose all those pound s I
gained. I want to be able to walk around in a pair of jeans and not be
scared it will rip when I sit down. I want to feel good again.
So I have started this journey to lose the pounds that plague me.

Current weight -176 pounds
Goal – 80 pounds

So, there it is. And, if you want to read more from her, you can visit here blog on Blogspot or the much newer one on WordPress. It wouldn’t hurt to follow her on twitter either (@d3ola)

Hoe-kay! Tharris all! I believe I’ve taken enough of your time. You may now carry on with your lives. But, feel free to leave opinions, tips, etc with the comment boxes below.


The Dee we're aiming for :)

The Dee we’re aiming for 🙂


31 thoughts on “Weight Loss Diary – Entry 1

  1. hehe..u look like a tub of mayonnaise compared to the last picture. I actually see nothing wrong with being a tub of mayonnaise*pause in contemplation of the obvious nonsense I just wrote.chalks it up to the insomnia* good luck.

  2. 80 pounds is too light. Try like 115 for starters. This almost made me cry. So touching. You will get there hun. 🙂

  3. And here I am trying to add weight…(who’ll help me out with the math?) Goodluck Dee. erm sorry…Deola. Ma bad…

  4. There is nothing wrong with the way you are now ? As long as you have a beautiful heart , even when you get to 80 pounds people will still call you tiny “Lepa” btw Good luck with you quest in finding the perfect size for you

  5. I’m 50 & just started on my loosing weight journey 2 months ago. You’ll do great. I’ll be loosing with you. It’s harder to loose as we get older, you’l loose quicker than me. 😉

  6. Gud for u Deola…I know where u’r comin from seein as I jus posted bout d exact same ting a couple of days back…I must warn tho dat 80 lbs is not a realistic target…I bet even Aki n PawPaw weigh mor than that…Find out what d healthy weight is for ur height n use dat as ur target…
    I’ll take Cece’s advise n follow u on Twitter…gud luck wit d plan…

  7. I feel u babe. Extra weight has been slowly creeping on me too. Now I pant unnnecessarily after very little activity and my back aches. I still lug around my big yansh but the curves aren’t as curvy as before. On the flip side tho, I have bigger boobs now and losin them to exercise isn’t a welcome thot jooo. Regardless, pls keep us posted. Mayb I can drop a size or two 🙂

  8. Lool…ds post is funny…really like a baby throwing tantrums
    Hey d3ola..u look sexy btw but my advise for u…if u really wanna lose weight PLS AVOID CECE…d girl consumes food like RUBY!!!!!

  9. The post is really funny and full of humour but their are very serious issues at hand here. You were Anorexic. That’s very serious and the reason for your Anorexia is back again – You don’t feel good in your own skin. Deola, I know I don’t know you but I’m scared of a relapse. Please be very careful in your dieting and weight loss. Nothing too extreme. Please!
    In any case, Good luck and all the best.

  10. Patience is the gradual loss of excess wait.

    Cheers, Deola. You can do it 🙂 <—Though in my opinion… oh scratch that, mine doesn't count -___-

  11. Um…who’s the hot dark chic? #justsaying

    But seriously now I think the best thing is to find out the appropriate weight for your age and go for it. 80pounds haba! Waaaaaaay too light.

  12. Hmnn… I confess, I really wanna lose some weight too especially around the belly area cc (@gidimallam’s last blog) I don’t even want abs, just a smaller belly. In the mean time I rep #teamsuckbele. Deola pls keep us updated on your progress. Good luck and 80 pounds really is small…

  13. Is this an aim at hyping Deola’s blog and twitter handle or what?
    The apparent lack of a realistic plan and goal makes me think it is…
    Medically/biologically, 80 pounds is unhealthy and unrealistic…….
    And em, how long are you looking at?

    *Walks away from computer and kicks dog angrily*

  14. Thank you all for the advice and encouragement!!!!
    As for my goal weight, I made a mistake with the conversion (math is not my strong point). I’m aiming to be 45 or 50kg.
    Again, thank u all sooooo much!!! 🙂

  15. Nice article, Deola. But I kinda agree with i_rep_mars though. 176 –> 80 pounds is a huge drop and I am kinda worried about a reoccurrence of your ulcer and all. Still I support you though. Good luck and we should see your pic when (not if) you achieve your goal.

  16. You looked really fab (2nd picture)…aiming for less than half of you are aint necessary….
    Also, start by focussing on the parts of your body you want in shape: tummy, thighs and arms…instead of a general weight as that could get frustration cos your bones might get heavier in the process.
    You go girl..xx

  17. *sigh* Sorry about the weight issue. Dee’s goal weight is 45 – 50 kg. I should have probably checked the conversion before putting the post up. I apologise 😦

    But thanks for all the encouragement though. You guys are awesome.

  18. Deola n Cece…even at 50kg I think dat’s too low…unless u’r between 5’1 n 5’4 n ur bone structure is small…like irepmars said u rili shld b careful to avoid a relapse…n anoda ting is settin unrealistic goals is d easiest way to end up frustrated n discouraged…also try n get som professional advice from a qualified gym instructor…

  19. @BBB
    I currently weigh 51kg and i am not a kid… :p
    oh and Dee (bite me! :D) good luck with the weight loss

  20. Hello again everyone.
    @musingsofagidimallam -I’m actually 5’2. I’m really short. I’ve gotten advice from qualified doctors and nurses before I started this goal. I didn’t just wake up and decide to do this.
    @lagoshunter I didn’t do the conversion right and I’m planning on losing this weight before I graduate from uni which is 15 months. Plenty time for me to lose it.
    I’m not rushing myself or starving myself. I actually follow a set of rules and regulations for this weight lose program I am doing.
    Thank you all for the words and encouragement. 🙂

  21. Well,ur ideal weight shd depend on ur body mass index(BMI). U shd go to a clinic and have it calculated. My dear,I struggle wt my weight all d time!!! For me,am comfortable enof,I just dnt want any tummy bulge and it aint easy.But u still need to feel good wt urself no matter ur weight. Pls let me know ur plans. Maybe we cld be partners in weight watching. LOL.

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