The Diary of Snow White II

Diary, can you say “Whoa!”? Of course you can’t, silly. You’re just paper. But I love you anyway, because if you weren’t here, I’d have no one to tell what happened. Yes, something happened.

Remember how I told you I had an audition for a commercial? I didn’t get the part! Those good-for-nothing, no-brained ass wipes, turned me down! What?! I’m not pretty enough to sell toothpaste?! Ugh!! Dammit!! Needless to say, I was quite pissed. So, I sat on the sidewalk in front of the building and just let my anger boil.

I mean, I so don’t get what’s going on! I always get what I want! But daddy wouldn’t not marry that tramp, and now I couldn’t get a stupid part in a dumb commercial. I just sat there on the sidewalk for what seemed like forever, thinking over my now pathetic life. What’s life if you can’t get what you want at the snap of your fingers? I miss the mansion, and the maids, and the cars, and my credit cards. *sigh* My poor babies. I’m sure they miss me too. And I think I even started to cry a little bit.

Well, diary, fret not! For I have been rescued from the dump we were residing in. After I’d sulked for a reasonable amount of time, I tried to get up off the sidewalk, and I bumped into some idiot who couldn’t watch where he was going. His coffee spilled all over me!! Who drinks coffee in the afternoon?! Who?!?! Fortunately, a nice gentleman calmed me down before I freaked out majorly. He took me to go get a change of clothes, and I told him our story over lunch.

Maybe not our story exactly. I may have fibbed a little. How little is “a little”? Well, I may or may not have told him daddy is dead, and his second wife tried to kill me because she was jealous and wanted everything in the will. What?! C’mon!! I don’t even know how that story slipped out! Honest. But I couldn’t stop once I’d started, so I continued. Hammed it up a bit. Told him she’d even sent assassins after me several times since I’d left, and I’ve been moving from one motel to the other to survive (at least it’s kinda true). Sweetheart that he is, he decided to take me in.

So now, we have a comfortable room in the most adorable house I’ve ever seen (after daddy’s, of course). He has 3 other house mates, and they own a talent agency together. Would you believe it? They’re getting me a part in an indie movie that’s about to go into production. 😀 No, I don’t think we need to discuss what I have to give them in return, do you? I mean, it’s not like I’m the first. Everyone uses what they have to get what they want (I’m learning very quickly.) As far as I’m concerned, all the world needs to know is that these really nice, slightly good-looking fellas took me in and helped me out. Yes, that’s what I shall be writing in my tell-all book when I get around to it.

Looking forward to bigger things *giggle* and bigger roles in bigger movies. Will write later. Gotta go take care of some…stuff 🙂

*Snow* xx


17 thoughts on “The Diary of Snow White II

  1. hehehe…nice one.’bigger things’ huh? …but I thought it ended up a bit too fairy taley..but I like d Sex For Roles. if cindy could do can.

  2. Nne…..pls stop dreaming……the plantain don dey burn for fire ohh!!!!!!!!!

    ….if u really wana be in a commercial…..iya alakara need a face for her signpost….fnk bout it darl’

  3. 🙂 finally got to read it, after years of “requesting”..sigh.. ^_^.Really Nice one too.

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