My Despair

Free-falling into the depth of despair
No strings holding on, no safety net
For once, I forget all my inhibitions
I’m just me. Completely free.
And as empty as the space all around me
I want to pour my soul into a glass
Stir it up a bit. See what becomes of it.

These shadows, they won’t let me be.
Persistently hovering, haunting me eternally
Dark clouds over my already dim existence.
Trapped in my freedom. Escape, a distant dream
A fantasy. With non-existent schemes and plots.
And so I fall deeper still. Further down the hole.
Uncomfortable with the knowledge that this hole, I did dig

And now, my heart’s pounding. Getting closer
I just want it to end, to all be over
But what I want doesn’t always matter
I’ll take what I’m given, or go on without
This is the point I feared but longed for
The darkness, so much more than welcome
I really don’t know what to say about the above poem. Been going through some ish lately, and this is the best way I could let out some frustration. So, you can leave your thoughts below if you like. I’d love to see them though.
PS: I am very aware it doesn’t rhyme.


9 thoughts on “My Despair

  1. There are no rules darling.Poems don’t have to rhyme all the time….all you gotta do is let your emotion guide you, write the words as they are dictated to you…harness your inspiration and let your words flow…

    Poetry is the connection between your inner feeling and your writing pad or spoken words….There are no rules.

    I like this very much….and I understand how it feels to be in pain and write as a means of release. Whatever you’re going through will pass.

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